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2 Top Stocks to Consider in This 5-Star Blogger’s Bullish Collection

Investor sentiment has been deeply affected due to headwinds coming from various fronts. Inflation at a 40-year high, the possibility of a recession, the series of policy declines and the seemingly never-ending war between Ukraine and Russia caused less enthusiasm among investors.

Investors are constantly looking for safer bets or stocks that take advantage of these stressful times, which can generate the most returns while these times last. However, the high level of uncertainty can make it difficult to choose an investment.

With everything available online, it is easier to follow trades and reviews from market experts. They can help in making investment decisions if followed from the right places. TipRanks’ Expert Center provides a comprehensive overview of Wall Street’s top experts and their investment choices.

Among experts, financial bloggers are often underestimated for their efforts to educate the masses about the market. They harness the opinions of other experts, combine their own knowledge of the market with them, and bring all the data, analysis and opinions together in simpler words so that even a layman can understand the background of the market.

More importantly, investors or potential investors looking for market updates and investment ideas online first and foremost find a blog, which then guides them to the right research tools.

In today’s Expert Spotlight article, we’ll honor a five-star financial blogger who writes under the pseudonym Colorado Wealth Management Fund and discuss a few of their favorite picks.

The Colorado Wealth Management Fund (CWMF) has written financial research articles for the financial media platform Seeking Alpha for more than seven years. The expert digs into REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) for undervalued companies with strong and sustainable dividend growth and writes about them for the world to see and learn from.

Track record

According to the TipRanks Star Ranking System, CWMF is ranked first among the 11,283 bloggers followed in the TipRanks universe; and second among 19,181 total experts, including hedge fund managers, Wall Street analysts, corporate insiders, financial bloggers and individual investors.

CWMF has a success rate of 76% and an average return per odds of 29.1%.

The CWMF’s average returns relative to the S&P 500 and the benchmark sector are 10% and 7.9%, respectively.

The blogger’s most successful position so far has been a call to buy on PennyMac Mortgage Investment (EMP). Between March 18, 2020 and March 18, 2021, the expert blogger’s optimism generated a massive 188% return on PMT stock.

Stocks preferred by our expert

“Business leaders with poor fundamental performance don’t want the extra attention, so ignoring them is the safest course. Since I have chosen to highlight these issues, I am keeping my name off the site,” CWMF explains on their LinkedIn business page.

This honest revelation makes it all the more interesting to learn more about the companies CWMF is bullish on. Let’s take a look at two of them.

Terreno operates as a real estate company that acquires, owns and manages industrial properties. The latest additions to its portfolio of real estate assets were made earlier this week, which include a $13.8 million purchase of land in Anaheim, California, and two industrial properties in Los Angeles, which the industrial REIT has purchased for a total of $27.2 million.

Over the past 10 years, the company has recorded a CAGR of 18.4%, which has been supported by its focused approach to expansion in six major coastal areas with high demand and limited supply. This allowed the company to take advantage of high rental rates.

Most of Terreno’s acquisitions have helped grow the business and helped generate impressive dividend growth for loyal investors.

Importantly, most Wall Street analysts also maintain a bullish stance on Terreno, with a moderate buy rating based on three buys and two holds.

Earlier this month, JMP Securities analyst Mitch Germain launched Terreno coverage with a buy rating and price target of $75. Germain thinks the company’s investment strategy to target coastal markets is brilliant, given the importance of these areas in the supply chain. The analyst believes that the recent broader market-driven weakness in its stock price performance has created a perfect opportunity for investors to buy the dip.

Terreno Realty’s average price target is $75, indicating 21% upside potential.

Additionally, the latest trade and sector outlook has our pundit, CWMF, bullish on Terreno, although it didn’t have much success with its rating on this stock earlier.

American Tower is one of the largest infrastructure REITs. It owns and operates wireless communications and broadcast infrastructure in 22 countries around the world.

Regardless of the weakness in tech stocks this year, the tech sector continues to grow, which is evident from its 22% year-over-year revenue growth in the first quarter. Clearly, this growth has been supported by the increasing use of 5G and other technologies, which has increased the demand for American Tower land to be used for infrastructure construction.

American Tower is capable of generating a profit of up to $30,000 at no cost per tenant per infrastructure site.

Last month, Morgan Stanley analyst Simon Flannery was encouraged by the rally in AMT stock after its sharp drop in late February. It sees sustainable growth in the coming months, driven by the accelerated proliferation of 5G.

Additionally, amid tech’s long-term secular growth, American Tower is likely to be partially insulated against the volatility and risk of tech stocks by its real estate portfolio.

Wall Street is bullish on the stock, with a strong buy rating based on six buys and two holds. The average AMT price target is $281, implying an upside potential of 7.7%.

Our expert, CWMF, is also bullish on the stock and boasts an 83% pass rate on its ratings for AMT.


Since CWMF follows one of the most stable sectors, REITs, and given their track record and in-depth analysis of the stocks discussed, their convictions are credible and can help steer your portfolio in the right direction.

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