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90 Day Fiancé blogger John Yates attempts suicide due to internet bullying, now hospitalized

Popular blogger, best friend of John Yates, Julie took over her Instagram account last Tuesday evening, indicating that all was not well but that she was being tight-lipped about the information she shared about him. However, Julie promised to go live soon after but she didn’t, which may be due to the crisis; she has a lot to deal with. But the wait was over this morning when she shared a link that confirmed that John was not well!…all was not well…John was hospitalized.

All is not well with John Yates

Because of his outspokenness, boldness, guts and ability to speak without feeling… reality TV stars were drawn to him. On the contrary, some found these attributes annoying and offensive and reacted by intimidating him. Currently, her Instagram account features dishes on TLC stars, celebrity scandals and more. His posts also include friendly and funny images.

Famous 90 Day Fiancé Blogger John Yates Attempts To Kill Himself Due To Internet Bullying

He uses his platform which includes his Twitter and YouTube channel to positively change lives; he got interested in the “Seeking Sister wife/Dimitri Snowden scandal” and helped promote a gofundme account, Christeline who was Dimitri’s only legal wife went into hiding and needed help getting out, and John was there not only to help but to promote and be a companion. Unfortunately his best part didn’t reach some people, they only saw the evil in him and bullied him until he broke down….one thing about misery is that always wants company.

Things didn’t go well during his last live session when his followers sensed he wasn’t doing well. he didn’t look well and stopped texting back. It was revealed on DROP THE MIC WITH ANNE AND MARIA that he attempted suicide last night; he had slit his wrists. The suicide attempt was the result of intimidation and harassment he suffered, it was stated by Anne and Maria.

Some thought it was some kind of joke or prank and spat out hateful words, it made the ladies more angry and they couldn’t stay long. Constant bullying draws victims into depression, it needs to stop and victims need to speak up. Life is precious and suicide is never an option. Hopefully John is surrounded by people who love him during this difficult time.