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A blogger from Delhi eats 3 kg of Ka Samosa in 5 minutes and wins Rs 11,000 in cash. look

New trends : You might have heard of food challenges where you can get everything for free if you manage to eat a massive amount of food within the time limit. Several places in Delhi even offer prizes for winning such food challenges. A man named Rajneesh Gyani runs a Facebook page and YouTube channel called “Are You Hungry” where he takes on all these food challenges and shows people that they too can eat and make money.Also Read – Man Eats 21 Plates of Chole Kulche in 30 Minutes, Wins Bullet Bike After Completing Challenge. look

Last month, the blogger went viral for eating 21 plates of chole kulche in 30 minutes. After completing the challenge, he won a bullet bike but returned the bike to the restaurant owner so he could continue the challenge with other people. The video has racked up over 12 million views on Facebook. Now the blogger is going viral again for a street food challenge where he ate a huge samosa weighing 3 kilograms in just 5 minutes. The video filmed at a restaurant in Delhi was shared on YouTube and garnered over a million views.

In the clip, the restaurant owner and blogger explain the challenge first. He then shows the process of cooking the massive samosa. The owner then started the timer on his phone and served the samosa to the man, who usually stays hungry for 1-2 days before such challenges. With chutney, water and his friends turning him on, the blogger successfully completed the challenge. At the end of the video, he received the cash prize of Rs 11,000 and said he would use the money to make more videos for his channel.


Would you accept this street food challenge?