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A blogger makes curd (Dahi) at home; Desi Foodies respond we did it first

Social media is not just entertainment, but an extremely informative space for foodies. We often come across interesting videos from our favorite bloggers, teaching us new recipes and innovative techniques that we can incorporate into our cooking. However, not all of these cooking tips would be new to us and we tend to know quite a few of them. Recently, a blogger showed the process of preparing Dahi at home using a small culture of bacteria. Desi foodies were quick to react and point out that this practice was called curd setting or “Dahi Jamana” in Indian households. In fact, we had been doing this for ages and it was nothing new to us.

Take a look at the full video here:

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The music video was shared on Twitter by user @dakuwithchaku, where it received over 255,000 views. He also had over 11.2,000 likes and several hundred retweets.

In the blogger’s video, she demonstrates how to make dahi or yogurt at home with the culture “Did you know you can make an endless amount of yogurt from just one tablespoon,” the blogger said in the video. “Next time you buy yogurt, save a tablespoon and you’ll never have to buy yogurt again,” she added. She then goes on to show the process of setting the curd by heating the milk, then mixing the lactobacillus into it and letting it harden. As the climate was cold, she said it took up to 10-12 hours for the Dahi to form. The blogger also recommended saving a tablespoon for the next batch of curd!

Desi Twitter users were quick to react to the video of setting up the curd from scratch. “Must use Internet Explorer,” wrote one user while another said, “wait till they find out you can make butter and ghee at home too!”

Check out the reactions to the video:

If you’re new to curd making, don’t worry because we have exactly what you need. Our tips for making the perfect creamy curd at home will make it a hassle-free process, giving you flawless results every time, too.

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