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A blogger shows a heavenly view of the Western Ghats of Karnataka during the monsoon. look

New trends : The Western Ghats mountain range in Karnataka is a spectacular sight to behold during the monsoon as the rainforests come alive and the beauty of nature multiplies. Thanks to a blogger, Internet users witness the heavenly view of the forests and mountain ranges of Karnataka. Blogger Milan Shah, who has over 14,000 subscribers on instagramfilmed the stunning scenery during a road trip in August 2021.Also Read – Viral Video: Kili and Neema Paul Lip Sync to Raj Kapoor’s Iconic Song Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai. look

It showed stunning views of the mountains and lush landscape just before entering Karnataka. As he entered Karnataka, the roads could be seen covered in fog and monsoon mist. As he drove, both sides of the road could be seen covered with the greenest forests. The view of the forests amid the fog was so serene it looked like the blogger was driving to heaven. Read also – Viral video: A little girl falls out of the car window, her family moves away leaving her on the road. look

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Milan is a music producer, entrepreneur and event manager from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is the founder of Alliancetime Media, a recognized media agency that supports brands in their launch and development. He received an award from Bollywood actor Malaika Arora for the country’s top entertainment industry promoter.

Milan also won the award for the country’s biggest social media promoter. He has worked with several personalities and organized events for them.