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A cross-country food blogger spends the day in Black Hills

RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) — A food blogger and rideshare driver from Baltimore, Maryland, travels to all 50 states to learn about the different cuisines and cultures each state has to offer. Friday, he is in the Black Hills.

Kreskin Torres started working as an Uber driver about six years ago and became fascinated by the stories from around the country he heard from people he picked up at the airport. He knew then that he wanted to delve into different cuisines and lifestyles, and document his travels.

“You know, there’s a whole world out there, and to a lot of people it might seem alien because they just don’t know it,” Torres said. “So I just wanted to see how it was for me, and food has been a great way to connect with so many different people. I always say food is a common ground.

So far, Torres has visited Mount Rushmore and indulged in some of the Main Street Square food trucks.

On Friday, he visits the Pine Ridge Reservation to learn about fried bread, bison roast, and other native foods.

He adds that the people of Black Hills were very welcoming when he stopped.

“The residents have been very open. Normally I would join a Facebook group just so people can give me recommendations. But there were so many welcoming people. I’m here for the native cuisine. Because I want people to know, and a lot of people might not know or have been exposed to it.

South Dakota is the final state on Torres’ trip. He says he’s launching an app that features foods from across the country.

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