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A food blogger and nutritionist shares tips for back-to-school lunches

With kids heading back to school soon, shopping for lunchbox supplies may cause sticker shock for some Connecticut residents.

Food blogger and nutritionist Katie Diehl says choosing the right product is a good start.

“You’ll know what’s in season based on what they advertise which is for sale, it will help you save money,” she said.

News 12 Connecticut’s Suzanne Goldklang looked for ways to add value and flavor to your lunch box.

Here are some tips from Diehl on how to prepare a well-balanced meal:

1. With the cost of food being so high, it is important to prioritize preparing a well-balanced lunch. It will save you money, time and your overall health.

2. When preparing meals, always start with protein. Then, build with vegetables/fruits, healthy fats, and nutrient-dense carbs.
a. Examples:
I. Leftovers from dinner
1. Pack enough protein, vegetables, and nutrient-dense carbohydrates to make lunch the next day. Grill and griddle recipes are ideal for this.
2. Pack it up before dinner.
ii. Spend a few minutes over the weekend chopping vegetables and placing them in containers. Get together easily when cooking dinner and/or planning your lunch the next day. This is great for whipping together salad options at the last minute.
iii. Have backup staples ready to go!
1. Roasted chicken, deli meats without sodium or nitrate, canned tuna, etc.

3. DEMO’s: 3 easy meal ideas for kids (and adults)

a. #1: Make a bento box
b. #2: Roll ups (made from wraps) with snacks.
vs. Vegetable Turkey Meatball Pasta with Tomato Sauce
I. Many children don’t like to eat vegetables, so this is a great trick without even knowing it.