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A food blogger posts a video of a street vendor preparing gulab jamun chaat. Watch | Tendency

Social media is full of videos from food bloggers showing weird food combinations. There is no shortage of such videos on Instagram that often leave foodies furious. In one of these videos, which is another strange twist on a classic food, a street vendor prepares a new variety of chaat by adding gulab jamuns to it. The video was posted by a food blogger on Instagram on February 20 and it has already been viewed over 1.70 lakh.

Ishan Sharma, a food blogger, posted the video on his Instagram page called tonguetwisters. In the video, the seller starts by placing four gulab jamuns on a plate, then tops it with yoghurt, tamarind chutney, green chutney, papdi, bhujia and a few pomegranate pits, just like a traditional chaat is prepared. . Then the food blogger tries out the weird combination and shows that the gulab jamuns are stuffed from the inside. Amazingly, he says he liked it as he said in the caption.

“Gulab jamun chaat. Seriously achi thi yr, tum loog gali doge acha likh dia toh (That was really good. You’ll mistreat me if I say it’s good),” he captioned the video.

Watch the video below:

People were baffled by this food combination and responded with many comments like why did he try this.

“Aisi kya majburi h jeevan me?” commented an Instagram user. “Areee re!! Gulabjamun ke itne bure din kab se aa gaye,” another user posted.

What do you think of this combination of strange dishes and would you like to try the gulab jamun chaat?

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