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A food blogger puts cotton candy in Maggi noodles as a fun experiment. Watch | Tendency

Maggi is a favorite dish for many people, whether at home to satisfy their hunger pangs or on the street at any roadside stall. One of the reasons for Maggi’s popularity is that it is easy to cook and many things can be added to it to make it taste better. However, there are also plenty of videos of people trying their own variations with the instant noodles and some of them are so bizarre it would leave you wondering.

Like this video of a food blogger doing this weird experiment by putting cotton candy in Maggi noodles. The food blogger posted the video on her Eat This Delhi Instagram page four days ago and it has received over 3.50 lakh views so far.

In the video, she prepares the Maggi noodles by adding a lot of vegetables but in the end also adds cotton candy. Once it’s prepared, she serves it again with cotton candy as a garnish.

“I tried Cotton Candy Maggie. kya duniya accept karegi mujhe ki nahi (will the world accept me now),” she captioned the video.

Watch the video below:

In the long version of the video she uploaded to YouTube, she hesitates to add cotton candy to the Maggi. It dissolves as soon as it is put on. When she tastes it at the end, she says it’s not bad and tastes just a bit sweet.

In the comments section, people were curious how it tasted. “Wow… New,” one Instagram user commented.

What do you think of this experiment with the beloved Maggi noodles?

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