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A food blogger shares a video of a delivery agent carrying a toddler to work. Zomato responds

Several videos showing the difficulties faced by delivery people during their work have gone viral on social networks. Recently, a similar video was posted by a food blogger which showed a man employed as a delivery man for Zomato carrying her little girl and son to work.

The video went viral and the food delivery company contacted Saurabh Panjwani, who posted the clip. Panjwani posted the video on Instagram on July 31 and it has received over 7.9 million views to date.

The clip shows the food blogger asking the delivery guy for his name. Panjwani then asks him if he takes his kids to work every day. He also advises the delivery person not to transport them too often in the sun.

“I felt so inspiring seeing this, this zomato delivery partner spends all day in the sun with two kids, we should learn that if one person wants, they can do anything too,” the video caption reads .

Watch the video below:

Zomato contacted Panjwani to help the delivery partner. “Hi Saurabh, please share order details via private message so we can contact and assist the delivery partner,” he wrote.

“I have special respect for those kind of people who don’t rock but rather do something that gives meaning to their lives. Respect to @zomato too for acknowledging the hard work of people who have nothing but dedication” , commented an Instagram user.

“I earned my respect man,” wrote another. “Omg so tricky God please always support him,” a third said.