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A Vancouver Food Blogger Shares 6 Local Omakase Spots And Some Options Won’t Break Your Wallet

For the uninitiated, omakase is “a form of Japanese cuisine in which diners leave themselves in the hands of a chef and are treated to a meal that is seasonal, elegant, artistic, and using the finest ingredients available,” according to the site. Michelin Guide website.

Vancouver is full of tons of amazing omakase restaurants, but sometimes it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Luckily, famed food blogger Reese Chan has come to the rescue with her favorite omakase spots around town.

Chan has earned a loyal following on his Instagram account – @vancouveryummies, which houses his authentic dining experiences at local restaurants.

Chan started this account a few years ago and has amassed an audience of nearly 20,000 social media followers. Some of his reels have even garnered over three million views.

This viral food blogger gave Narcity all of her best seats in Vancouver for omakase and they look super drool-worthy.

So, without further ado, here’s all the dope.

Tetsu Sushi Bar

Price: 💸 💸 💸

Address: 775 Denman Street, Vancouver, BC

Why you need to go: “This unassuming restaurant is my favorite Omakase spot,” Chan said. It’s a small place that packs a ton of delicious flavors into their dishes.


sushi kiwami

Price: 💸 💸 💸 💸

Address: 8411 Bridgeport Rd #130., Richmond, BC

Why you need to go: This is more of an upscale omakase restaurant in Vancouver with a more expensive menu. The restaurant’s omakase menu features “fish aged in the only non-electric cooler in Canada,” according to Chan.


Shu sushi bar

Price: 💸 💸 💸

Address: 8099 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC

Why you need to go: This restaurant changed Chan’s view of his seafood preferences. “I thought college (a sea urchin) wasn’t for me, but since then I’ve been addicted to college,” Chan said.


Sushi Hachi

Price: 💸 💸

Address: 8888 Odlin Crescent, Richmond, BC

Why you should go: This small family business is your gateway to omakase on a budget, according to Chan. So if you’re looking for an omakase place that won’t break your wallet, this is the place to go.


Maumi Sushi Bar

Price: 💸 💸 💸

Address: 1226 Bute Street. Vancouver, BC

Why you need to go: This is a small restaurant in Vancouver that is supposed to serve only nine people at a time. It’s “an intimate atmosphere where you can really focus on the flavors available to you,” Chan said.


Kitchen Itosugi Kappo

Price: 💸 💸

Address: 3648 W Broadway., Vancouver, BC

Why you need to go: This is one of Vancouver’s newest restaurants to feature omakase on the menu. It’s run by two young chefs and they use delicious imported ingredients and are “dedicated to showcasing seasonal Canadian ingredients,” Chan said.

In addition, their price is also reasonable!