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Achieve Every Look Like a Fashion Blogger: 7 Sneaky Style Tips

How to nail every look like a fashion blogger? Create an Instagram-worthy statement and make a splash like a fashion blogger. Discover the sneaky ways bloggers are upping their OTT fashion game.

Thanks to bloggers and influencers, social media is no longer just a networking platform. In fact, it is now the source of entertainment, information and, above all, enchanting visuals that ignite our imaginations.

Think of the fashion bloggers on Instagram: they passionately share their personal style and a killer wardrobe that adds to our love for fashion. Scroll through your gram’s feed and you’ll see hundreds of photos of bloggers at flashy dinner parties and action-packed reels showing off the latest trends and style tips.

Have you ever wondered how these fantastic fashion bloggers pull off each outfit as they’re about to make their way to the catwalk? From chic casual outfits to dazzling designer dresses, they always look trendy.

If you too want to create an Instagram-worthy statement and make a splash like a fashion blogger, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we exposed all the sneaky ways bloggers are upping their OTT fashion game. Keep reading!

Tip #1: Play with proportions

Whether slim or curvy, short or tall, all fashion influencers manage to look stunning. Secret? They are savvy fashionistas who know how to show off their best features and balance their proportions.

By understand its shape and the styles that suit you best, you can also master the art of styling. For example, if you’re plus size, a flared silhouette can minimize your midsection, helping you create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

This sublime Mac Duggal red dress worn by @byhilaryrosethe famous American fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, proves that a flared silhouette is effortlessly elegant.

Mac Duggal red dress worn by @byhilaryrose

Tip #2: Mix and match

The best bloggers are never shy about channeling their creativity. It’s probably their bold attitude that makes them influencers!

Many Instagram and Youtube fashion influencers bring innovative style ideas every day. Mixing and matching different pieces of clothing, like a plain dress with a printed jacket, a bohemian dress with jeans, etc., is their left-hand game. Fascinating, isn’t it?

If you want to generate buzz around your style game, “mix and match” is your key. Feel free to explore your creative side – create your own style by rearranging your favorite silhouettes, colors and prints and be the most edgy fashionista of the year.

Take a look at the blog on “how to mix and match two different designs”, shared by the fashion and lifestyle blogger @justkassi.

Tip #3: Add a splash of color

Neutrals and solids are fine, but colors add a cheerful touch to your personality. Fashion bloggers know it well! You must have noticed that their Instagram feeds are bright and colorful.

So take a little risk and add a splash of color to your everyday outfits. Who knows, the style may work wonders for you.

If your wardrobe is full of boring formal wear, like beige, black and white pantsuits, adding a bright vintage t-shirt will make a huge difference. Try now; thank you later 😉

Tip #4: Say yes to flirty sleeves

Forget the straight and simple sleeves; 2022 is all about being playful and flirtatious. This year, casual and designer dresses with puff sleeves are at the top of the fashion chart. They add volume to your shoulder area, helping you catch the attention of everyone around.

The secret to wearing the *one* to perfection is to balance your outfit with a fitted silhouette. If everything is fluid and full, your silhouette will drown in the fabric.

Your favorite fashion bloggers are all for the extravagant puff sleeves. Check out this cute puff sleeve shirt worn by Tina Lee (@ofleatherandlace), the famous fashion content creator on Instagram.

Check out this cute puff sleeve shirt worn by Tina Lee (@ofleatherandlace), the popular fashion content creator on Instagram
Check out this cute puff sleeve shirt worn by Tina Lee (@ofleatherandlace), the popular fashion content creator on Instagram

Good news: you can easily get your hands on a trendy puff sleeve dress or dress from designer Mac Duggal’s dress collection. It is one of the most sought-after fashion brands, loved by almost every top celebrities, models, and influencers.

Tip #5: Layer Jewelry

The layered necklace, the hottest jewelry trend of the year, is affectionately nicknamed “the neck mess” – because you’re wearing a necklace mess! Whether it’s a casual floral dress, a bossy dressy pantsuit or a designer dress, fashion bloggers obsessively adorn layered necklaces with every outfit to show off their punch.

Hoping on this hot trend (just like your favorite fashion influencer!) can help give your look a standout edge.

Tip #6: Put on your sunglasses

Dark circles? Puffy eyes? Bloggers know the key: sunglasses! If you spend a lot of time scrolling through Instagram, you might have seen the fashion girls rocking some stunning vibes with sunglasses.

From aviators to cat-eye frames, black frames to shiny frames, sunglasses dominate street fashion. If you want to be mistaken for a fashion blogger on the street, you too need a pair of trendy glasses. Get it now, girl!

Tip #7: Take a Stunner bag with you

It’s not just the outfit that makes fashion bloggers unique, but also the way they accessorize.

To rise to the top of the style game, you need to accessorize — and accessorizing requires a gorgeous bag. Remember it doesn’t have to be expensive. Just a chic, sassy, ​​and a bit flashy (the one* that completes your outfit) is perfect for getting awesome.

The end?

Bloggers and influencers have made Instagram the trendiest place. Now it’s time to brighten up your Instagram. Just follow the style tips mentioned, get clicked and show the “fashionable YOU” on your feed. Also, get ready to enjoy some praise; your subscribers will spam your feed with nice comments!

If you don’t know where to buy Instagram-worthy styles, look no further than Mac Duggal Dresses 2022 collection. From designer dresses to formal jumpsuits, the brand has all the stunning styles just for you.

Get, place, pose!