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After losing 150 pounds, mom, blogger and now author Heather Strickland is doing it all with the launch of the ‘Rebel Keto’ cookbook

“Rebel Keto,” by Heather Strickland, is the brand new sustainable approach to the keto diet that takes the guesswork out of low carb boredom.

Heather Strickland, author and creator of the “Word to Your Mother Blog” releases her new book, “Rebel Keto”.

“Rebel Keto” sheds light on the lies the 80s taught us about food and how to fix them with Heather’s Rebellious Keto ideas and recipes.

You will encounter difficulties throughout your journey, it is inevitable. Whatever you do, don’t stop believing in yourself or your dreams. You are capable of so much more than you realize.”

—Heather Strickland

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, USA, April 16, 2022 / — Heather Strickland, creator of the ‘Word to Your Mother Blog’, health coach, mother and soon-to-be published author, is gearing up for the release of ‘Rebel Keto “, a guide with over 100 low-carb recipes and nearly as many 80s references to help readers make lifestyle changes, with some leeway for rebellion from standard health book standards.

Having lost over 150 pounds herself, Heather Strickland knows firsthand what it’s like to wake up at 35 and not recognize who she sees in the mirror. Since changing her lifestyle and unearthing the “healthy” lies that have led America to an obesity epidemic, Strickland has used her experiences and charisma to help women who have tried every diet and never haven’t seen the results bring the changes they need to level out their weight loss and have fun while doing it.

“Rebel Keto” is available for pre-sale at GracePoint Publishing’s online bookstore and will be available at all major retail outlets such as Amazon in April 2022.

Through references to some of your favorite ’80s movies, songs, and trends, Heather turns a health and diet book into a time capsule that reminds readers that cutting carbs doesn’t mean they have to cut down. little fun. Inviting its audience to dance like no one is watching during cooking hours or leave the 1985 classic, “The Breakfast Club,” while waiting for your meal to cool, “Rebel Keto” is not your average cookbook and Strickland designed it. path with rebellious intent.

“You are going to encounter difficulties along your journey – it is inevitable. Whatever you do, don’t stop believing in yourself or your dreams. You are capable of so much more than you think,” says Strickland, creator of the “Word to Your Mother Blog,” a space where women can learn how to eat healthy, make lifestyle changes, receive expert coaching and taking an approach to wellness that Strickland coins as “100% BS-free”. Certified in health coaching, Heather spends her time helping people of all kinds find the right diet and program to help them achieve their fitness goals and sharing their triumphs of being healthier while enjoying what they eat. .

As a mother of three and running her own business, blog and writing a book, Heather Strickland is full of energy and enthusiasm coupled with a certain Southern charm as she invites readers into her world, this that she assures you is anything but false. Speaking in her book as a friend rather than filling her pages with jargon and health calculations, Strickland stays true to her readers by sharing her experiences and her understanding that dieting is a challenge, a challenge that she is there to see you conquer and dance with. you as if you were Rocky Balboa at the top of the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

“Rebel Keto” is published by Empower Press, an imprint of GracePoint Publishing, the premier publishing house for leaders, teachers, and creatives.

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