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AI Exosphere Launches Satellite Blogger, An AI Writing Assistant

AI empowers the average Joe. AI Exosphere announces Satellite Blogger, a Qualified Writing Assistant.

To increase the inclusion of AI automation, AI Exosphere worked on the first stage of the company’s mission, Satellite Blogger, an AI writing assistant powered by HailyAI.

Satellite Blogger is a SAAS powered by HailyAI, a refined template that instantly generates high-quality copy for headlines, blogs, website pages, product descriptions, and more.

“We plan to train individual skills and release them as stand-alone products while creating a voice assistant with global capabilities,” said Sal Peer, founder of AI Exosphere.

ElthuerAI’s GPT-J-6B Built Satellite Blogger System has already delivered human-verified blogs to front-end users with a high satisfaction rate. Currently, GPT-J is the most efficient transformer available to the public [language model] for zero shooting performance on various [down-stream] Tasks.

The Satellite Blogger system operates on contextual descriptions given by the end user. Then the system searches over six billion parameters and writes comprehensive SEO articles to help customers get their message across and boost keyword relevance.

As we continue to train HailyAI, we plan to publish successful use cases for everyone. Our goal is to make AI tools accessible to everyone. Our goal is to expand Haily’s reach and bridge the gap between technical and non-tech savvy business owners, entrepreneurs and creators, while supporting inbound call volume at the level of the company.