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Anti-Police Blogger Raises Cain in Ironton: DeCastro Calls Out ‘Corruption’ Among Area Authorities | News

IRONTON Controversy, concern and outrage have been growing in the tri-state area since a blogger appeared on social media, aiming to expose rogue police officers.

Chille DeCastro, aka Jose DeCastro, is that media blogger. Ever since DeCastro’s home was raided in 2002 by police, he said, it fundamentally changed who he was. DeCastro, who grew up in Alaska and had resided in Los Angeles since 2020, said he named Robert Shapiro, which DeCastro said resulted in the charges being unsuccessful.

“Police are criminals because they use the law to break the law,” DeCastro continued. “It has been going on since the start of the police all together. I hate cops – they’re punks, thugs and criminals, every one of them. We exposed so much corruption in the Sheriff’s Department (of Ironton) and the police.

Since launching his YouTube channel in 2021, he has garnered over 30,000 subscribers in which he provides speeches, dashboard/body camera footage, and perspective on American policing.

DeCastro appeared in Ironton after receiving a message from an Ironton resident, in which she reported abuse involving officers from the Ironton Police Department. Since then, he has uploaded numerous videos showing DeCastro confronting police officers, sharing stories of incidents inside the Lawrence County Jail and interviews with those who accuse the Ironton Police Department of criminal act.

Since uploading a video to YouTube on March 21 of her first Ironton appearance, she has slowly snowballed and her presence has become known. As the days passed, views of his videos began to gain traction in the tri-state area.

DeCastro’s phone has received multiple emails and messages from numerous people in all three states claiming they have been mistreated by police, he said, and he has no plans to leave if early.

“I won’t leave until it’s done,” he said.

According to Ironton Grandstand, DeCastro was arrested after refusing to leave downtown Ironton on Tuesday. He was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, March 24, titled “Dog Napping 4 Profit,” Desiree Michelle said, DeCastro accused Pitiful Paws Rescue of donating money to the sheriff’s department and starving the animals, in which Michelle said she was one-sided. and blatant lies.

“He made a video, basically without contacting us, we never got a chance to tell our side of the story,” she said. “He incites rage in the community, he keeps people guessing at the police.”

The Rescue Shelter has felt direct effects since the video was submitted.

“Our staff are terrified, we are worried about the safety of our animals and our safety,” she said. “We continue to receive daily calls, voicemails and emails containing threats, we have had people calling us saying they are going to burn our shelter down.

“He’s jumping around and throwing a lot of stories at once and we don’t have any proof yet,” she said.

Videos posted by the YouTuber prompted a local Ironton business to close for the day, citing safety concerns. According to WOWK, on ​​Friday morning, March 25, Ironton headteachers said they were “hyper aware” of his presence in the community.

Since DeCastro’s arrival in Lawrence County, some have said he has brought hope to a corrupt town; others said he had “told lies” and “stirred the pot”.

“Don’t trust me, watch the videos,” he said. “It’s not one or two people, it’s hundreds of people” who contact him to tell their stories of abuse not only from the IPD, but from several departments in the region, he said.

“The law and my camera are my weapons, I will not break the law, attack anyone or fight anyone,” he said. He said he’s here because “it’s time to cause public controversy,” not just in Ironton, but across the country.

“I’m for law and order, the cops are terrible,” he said.

“We need to get rid of all this police policing stuff,” he continued. “The new system is called transparency and education. We don’t need laws, we need civil rights protectors.

DeCastro thought he was setting a good example for young people to follow and watch what he was doing. He said he wanted them to follow in his footsteps.

“Imitate me, learn the laws from top to bottom,” he said. “The moment you interact with ‘thugs’ take your camera and say you’ve been exposed.”

DeCastro released “four core missions” in July 2021, which read: Overthrow Terry V. Ohio; add 45 additional Supreme Court Justices to SCOTUS; totaling 54; using the principles of John Rousseau; and make a deal with a streaming service.