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Anti-Semitic blogger who compared Auschwitz to a ‘theme park’ jailed for offensive song

Holocaust denier Alison Chabloz, 58, of St John’s Wood in London, has previously called Auschwitz “a theme park for fools” and said the “gassing zone” was a “proven hoax”.

Alison Chabloz, 58, changed an Oliver Twist song to poke fun at the Jewish faith – with lyrics described as ‘grossly offensive’

An anti-Semitic activist who once compared Auschwitz to a “theme park” is behind bars again for mocking the Jewish faith in a “grossly offensive” version of an Oliver Twist song.

Alison Chabloz, 58, changed the lyrics “you gotta pick a pocket or two” to “you gotta change a shekel or two” in a video uploaded April 18, 2020.

Chabloz denied that the lyrics made fun of Jews, and in particular anti-Semitic activist Ambrosine Chetrit, saying the song was written from the perspective of English Defense League founder Tommy Robinson.

She posted the video while facing a suspended sentence for a similar offence, which she received in 2019, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard.

Adrian Davies, defending, said: “The defendant has indeed been rendered unemployable by her past.

Alison, pictured posing outside Southwark Crown Court in 2019, struggled to find a job


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“She hasn’t been able to find reasonably paid work since then.”

He said there was no evidence the song was made in reference to Ms Chetrit.

He added, “The complainant was unaware of the song until someone called Enoch in Israel, who spends his time monitoring anti-Semitism online, told her.”

Jailing Chabloz for 22 weeks District Judge Nina Tempia told him: “I don’t accept your explanation of what you said, you have to pick a pocket or two, were for Tommy Robinson.

“I consider the offense to be aggravated by hostility to a religious or group and I must take into account your prior convictions for a similar offense and the fact that you were under a suspended sentence at the time this offense has been committed.

A million people, mostly Jews, were massacred by the Nazis at the Auschwitz Birkenau site in Oswiecim, Poland.


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“My opinion is that you spent time making the words offensive.”

Mr Davies said Chabloz intended to appeal his conviction and asked Judge Tempia for bail, but it was refused.

She said: “I have made my decision. It is so serious that only an immediate custodial sentence is warranted.”

Chabloz was imprisoned for 18 weeks last April, then increased to 32 weeks, for saying on US podcasts Realist Radio and the Graham Hart Show that Hitler wanted Jews to leave Europe to behave “in a certain way as we still see it today”. “

She also called the Holocaust an “eternal cash cow” and compared it to a theme park while saying the gas chambers were not “homicidal” but used “to save lives from epidemics of typhus”.

Chabloz also linked this latest podcast to his account on Gab, a social media platform popular with extremists.

She was convicted on three counts of posting offensive songs about the Holocaust and given a suspended prison sentence in May 2018.

In the songs, the music teacher who calls herself a “historical revisionist” sings, “Did the Holocaust ever happen? Was it just a bunch of lies? It seems that some intend to veil our face.

She said Auschwitz is “a theme park just for fools” and “the gassing zone, proven hoax, rules of indoctrination.”

The Holocaust denier had appealed against those convictions, but a judge upheld them at Southwark Crown Court in February 2019.

She has since violated her suspended sentence by uttering anti-Semitic comments while twice on the phone as a guest on far-right anti-Semitic podcasts, Realist Report and The Graham Hart Show.

The musician claimed in the podcasts that Jewish parents “indoctrinate their children that their grandparents were gassed because they were Jewish”, turning the children into “psychopathic maniacs”, the court heard.

She also claimed that the Auschwitz gas chambers were fake and that the Jews “promoted homosexuality, promiscuity, the same things they promote today.”

Chabloz from St John’s Wood, north London, denied but was found guilty of sending an offensive message via public communication.

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