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APC attacks Shehu Sani for gubernatorial candidacy, calls him inactive blogger

The decision of the All Progressives Congress in Kaduna state blasted former senator representing the central senatorial district of Kaduna, Senator Shehu Sani, over his intentions to run for the seat of the state governor in 2023 to eliminate decay of the APC in the state.

The APC told the former lawmaker that governance is serious business that requires serious minds like that of incumbent governor Nasir El-Rufai, and not for “lazy bloggers”.

Salisu Wusono, APC’s elected Kaduna state advertising secretary, lambasted Sani in a statement titled, “The people of Kaduna will not allow non-entities to back them down.”

The APC spokesman added that the state governance which has recorded serious development over the years under Governor El-Rufai was “not for idle bloggers who think decades to get rid of. people’s misfortunes qualify them for leadership “.

According to him, the APC has changed the democratic game in the state, making politics and governance an arena for “the serious and the accomplished”.

He added that given the progress of the APC government in the state, “2023 will further confirm that Kaduna state is not an arena for those who have never led anything, who have no understanding of development. or no appreciation of governance as a serious business.


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