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Are you a food blogger? Then You MUST Try These 5 Mouthwatering Italian Dishes

A land rich in warmth, art, music, architecture, history and certainly also cuisine: beautiful Italy is known worldwide for its extraordinary culinary delights, a country that offers dishes appreciated by the world whole, unique and inimitable.

Who doesn’t know pizza, lasagna, spaghetti or ice cream? These and many more are among the delicious foods that originated in Italy and are enjoyed everywhere. Let’s discover the main Italian dishes, a gastronomic journey through this boot-shaped peninsula, from north to south, to the sound of a fork to whet your appetite.

Here are some mouth-watering Italian dishes that are a must for any food blogger or anyone in Italy:


Did you know that the colors of the Italian flag are represented by the most original and popular variety of pizza – the Margherita – made only with tomato, mozzarella and basil.

Our favorite fast food, pizza, was born in Naples, Italy. Legend has it that Margherita was served to Queen Margherita of Savoy, and although it was considered “peasant food”, she loved it so much that she continued to indulge in it even after receiving the backlash from other members of his royal circle.

Later, the pizza obviously bears his name. If you ever go to Naples, be sure to try their authentic Margherita – with tomatoes grown in the volcanic ash of nearby Pompeii.


Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream, and although it contains the same ingredients as other frozen dairy desserts, it is low in fat and sugar. It is made and frozen in small, individual batches, unlike commercial ice cream production in the United States. It lacks the “air” we see in commercial ice cream, making it even more intense in flavor.

Another difference between commercial ice cream and ice cream is their shelf life – ice cream only stays fresh for a few days after production.


It’s a popular dessert around the world, consisting of coffee-soaked cookies served with layers of whipped mascarpone and egg yolks. It also contains cocoa and other liquor flavors. Some believe that this dessert started being served more recently, in the 1980s, while others claim that it existed long before that. There is also some debate over the place of origin, although everyone agrees it was somewhere in Italy.


If you thought pasta came from Italy, you are wrong. The Chinese get the credit for the earliest known pasta, but Italy invented a popular form of pasta: spaghetti. It is believed that he was born in southern Italy in the 12th century. There is a pasta museum in Rome which has 11 rooms with 8 centuries of pasta history, a delight for any foodie.


This delicious and famous cheese originated in Italy and is a key ingredient in many Italian dishes, such as Caprese salad. This cheese actually includes several different types of cheese by spinning and cutting them.

Mozzarella di Buffalo (made with buffalo milk), Mozzarella Fior di latte (made with fresh cow’s milk), Low Moisture Mozzarella (made with whole or partly skimmed milk) and Smoked Mozzarella are some types of cheese in this category. . The name comes from the Campania region of Italy where Mozza means “cut”.