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Australian blogger Mel Watts shares Vegemite hack on Instagram

An Aussie mum has amazed her followers by claiming the classic Aussie spread can cure this very common – and painful – condition.

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Vegemite has a very special place in Australian culture.

No longer just a staple of scratching panties on hot toast with melted butter, there have been many weird and wonderful things people have claimed Vegemite is good for.

But spread lovers have been stunned by a new claim from Australian blogger Mel Watts, who says she always puts a dollop of Vegemite on canker sores.

The 35-year-old claimed it worked wonders for reducing pain and could even heal a mouth ulcer in as little as 24 hours.

“Surely you did that too?” the NSW Central Coast mum wrote on her Instagram.

“Do you have an ulcer? No problem mate, put some Vegemite on it and she’ll be right.

“This one was done growing up to help do something with it. I don’t know what, but it always relieved the pain of the ulcers.

“Stings…but you also get a winning dollop of Vegemite!”

In the video, the blogger takes some of the brown spread and places it inside her lower lip, where she has an ulcer.

“That’s literally what we used to do when we were younger, that’s how you know if you’re an Aussie kid or not,” she said in a video posted to her 250,000 Instagram followers.

“Vegemite, Ulcer. He should be gone tomorrow.
His followers were stunned by the bizarre claim, but were eager to try it for themselves if they needed to find a quick cure for a pesky ulcer.
Although unconfirmed, Ms Watts believes it is the Vegemite salt that may relieve the pain – but it may also be the reason for the initial sting when first applied.

“Uh what, how could I not know that,” asked a surprised commenter.

“Definitely try this!”
“I always do that, it’s the only thing that works!” said another.
Ms. Watts’ supporters have also touted some of Vegemite’s other healing properties. “I’ve always had a scoop or two after a big night out drinking, right before bed,” one fan said.
“It helped not to get sick the next day.” “I used to put a little Vegemite on a spoon whenever I had a sugar craving,” said another. “It’s literally good for everything.”