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Azerbaijani blogger arrested for 28 days for disobeying police

Azerbaijani blogger detained for 28 days

Azerbaijani blogger Eyvaz Yahyaoglu, a resident of the city of Shirvan, was detained for 28 days. The most common charge deployed during political arrests has been leveled at him – disobeying the police. The international organization Reporters Without Borders called for the immediate release of the arrested blogger.

In the Azerbaijani town of Shirvan, a well-known local blogger, Eyvaz Yahyaoglu, a member of the opposition Nationalist Democratic Party (ANDP), was arrested for 28 days. Party leader Galandar Mukhtarly reported on the blogger’s detention on May 9.

“On May 9, Eyvaz Yahyaoglu was summoned from his home in Shirvan to the local police. The following day, Shirvan City Court sentenced him to 28 days of administrative arrest, finding him guilty under s. 535.1 (disobeying the legal requirements of the police) of the Code of Administrative Violations,” Mukhtarli said in an interview with Turan.

In the party itself, everyone is sure that the blogger was arrested because of his YouTube channel.

Mukhtarli claims that in his videos, Yahyaoglu spoke about violations of citizens’ rights in Shirvan, the waste of state assets and the indifference of local officials to citizens’ complaints.

“He was repeatedly warned to stop criticizing [the authorities]. And in the end he was arrested,” Mukhtarli explained.

The arrested blogger is a veteran of the first Karabakh war.

Lawyer Ruslan Mirzoev, appointed by Yahyaoglu at state expense, noted that his client had pleaded not guilty.

Mirzoyev said that according to the protocol on the detention of Eyvaz Yahyaoglu, he came to the building of the city police department and began to insult his employees. When the police called him to order, he did not obey.

“However, Eyvaz Yahyaoglu has denied these allegations. He said he came on the first call and didn’t offend anyone. He said the charge was fabricated,” the attorney said.

Relatives of Yahyaoglu said an appeal would be filed against his arrest.

Statement by Reporters Without Borders

The human rights organization Reporters Without Borders has called for the immediate release of blogger Eyvaz Yahyaoglu, arrested in Azerbaijan.

On its Twitter, the organization posted the following message:

“After being summoned by the police on May 9, blogger Eyvaz Yahyaoglu was detained for 28 days for “disobedience”.

His YouTube channel, which covers violations of citizens’ rights, is not accessible. RSF calls for an end to the pressure and for his immediate release! “.