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Be amazed by the lip-syncing skills of Ahmed Younis – The blogger, influencer and video creator.

There are many influencers everywhere and from different regions, but are each of them successful or capable of creating an impact on society? If you think about it, there aren’t many!

Ahmed Younis succeeded in creating this tectonic shift where youth perceive video creation not just as a hobby or a profession but as a rewarding job.

Everyone aspires to glory, whether a novice or a professional. What people usually don’t know is the ability to maintain that fame. Young maverick entrepreneur from Kuwait, Ahmed Younis, is the kind of person who not only rose to fame very quickly, but also had the talent to maintain that fame.

It’s no secret that videos have become the most popular choice for content consumption today. In 2020, 96% of consumers increased their online video consumption and 9 in 10 viewers said they wanted to see more brand and company videos. In fact, from 2022 the average person is expected to spend 100 minutes a day watching videos online. This makes video content an irreplaceable part of any business’s marketing strategy.

There! It’s no surprise that video makers like Ahmed Younis have chosen this particular profession as their livelihood! Moreover, he is highly skilled and creates unique content that strikes a chord with the audience. An engineer turned social media influencer, Ahmed is recognized for his exceptional video creation and lifestyle content. He is famous for his lip-syncing performances on YouTube and Instagram. Due to its creativity, it attracted more than 409,000 subscribers during its instagram manage and has more than 556K subscribers on his Youtube Channel. Plus he has a verified Tiktok manage with over 1 million followers. He started his social media career by posting YouTube videos in 2017. His oldest archived lip-sync performance was posted in February 2018. Two of his YouTube videos have garnered over a million views each. Ahmed’s recent achievement is that he performed a lip-synch with world famous rapper Juice WRLD and Ellie Goulding – “Hate me“Music clip which has crossed 124,601,980 views on YouTube and has accumulated 2.5 million Likes!!

Ahmed faced many obstacles in his life and career which made him a humble man. He was not born with a silver spoon and had a difficult childhood. According to an interview with a TV channel, he mentioned that he learned the art of editing videos and creating unique content since school. Beside, it can easily be said that this budding entrepreneur and influencer started very small and rose to the heights of success through determination and hard work. He believes that apart from talent, the willingness to give your hundred percent effort for your dreams, the dedication to do your job is what plays a vital role in deciding whether you can achieve your goals or not.

Today, Ahmed Younis posts unique and engaging videos and receives a lot of love and attention from fans that he rightly deserves. He believes in enjoying your life because you only live once! Being an influencer is hard work, you have to look presentable and act as an inspiration even on your worst days. He says: “Content is something that can never be taught, it’s natural but it’s also something that can easily lose its spark if you stop working on it.”