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2.5 billion people play video games worldwide. And this trend is getting stronger every year. So why not start making money if you like games? Want to know how to turn a hobby into income and what monetization methods work? Keep reading to figure it out!

It’s a cool way to start earning a living, especially for students. You can go to class in the morning and work on your gaming blog in the evening. Of course, to be successful, you will have to devote a lot of time to it. Maybe you won’t have enough time for your homework. However, you can always hire my paper editing services to help you track your academic performance. So, all you have to do is be passionate about what you do, and you will see that such “problems” are not problems at all.

Which game to choose for your channel

A common opinion among beginners: the channel can only become popular through a popular game. But the more the product is known on the market, the more channels there are already created, and therefore the stronger the competition. Running a channel on a known game requires finding a unique idea and an original presentation. Some bloggers are betting on a more vacant niche – published novelties, which in the long run can also become popular.

Choosing your favorite game will also contribute to the regularity of the content, which is an important part of its success. Working on a blog is as constant and energy-consuming work as any other. Gaming and filming daily, communicating with your audience, and coming up with new entries is easier when you’re a gaming fan yourself.

1K, 10K, 100K+… Gain an audience

The huge loyal following of already known gaming bloggers makes you think about the possibility of easy and fast growth of the channel. But shooting a few videos and attracting several thousand viewers is more of an exception to the rule. Maintaining a channel requires diligence, self-discipline, and time. What is important to consider:

  • Regularity. The first and most important thing bloggers note for a successful startup. Many shoot videos daily, which increases the chances of reaching your audience. If you also write articles for your blog, you should find them on the Reddit essay writing service, as they can provide you with decent blog posts if you’re short on time or inspiration.
  • Diffusion (live broadcast of the game). Streaming can be dedicated to an update or an in-game event. It’s quite easy to start streaming: connect a webcam, set up a clear image, give the audience some heartfelt emotions, or team up with other streamers.
  • Organization of gifts for subscribers. Also, a great option not only to increase the activity of your existing audience and attract new ones.
  • Advertise your channel. Mutual public relations with other bloggers, cross-promotion via other platforms and targeted advertising.

Monetize your blog

Profiting from your blog is a coveted goal and a justification for the effort invested. There are many opportunities to generate income from your beloved business. Let’s consider some of them in detail.

  • Earnings on streams. You can earn through donations (a contribution from subscribers) or a paid subscription to the channel.
  • Direct contracts with advertisers. Brands are increasingly prioritizing blogger advertising. They know how to present information natively, they have a huge loyal following, and people are ready to listen to a blogger they trust.
  • Cooperation with game developers. For example, as a Fortnite content creator, you are an Epic Games partner, you have your own author tag, and if your fans enter that tag in the in-game store, the author gets a small percentage of the purchase of his fan.
  • Monetization through the platforms themselves. Advertising earnings appear at the start and progress of your video or stream after reaching a certain point in viewership and views.
  • Affiliate Programs. Direct mail deals are more often available to bloggers who already have a large reach. But you can start earning on games and in-game products for lesser-known gamers. For this, there are affiliate programs: just recommend a particular product, add affiliate links in the description, and the blogger will receive a commission on sales or installations. And you can earn a lot of money on this segment.

Some additional tips

Everyone can play and earn money through games. The main thing is to take the matter seriously and remember a few simple tips:

  • Create more content. The one that interests the viewers of the game you have chosen. The more active you are, the faster you get an influx of new audiences.
  • Do not be discouraged. Beginners and experienced bloggers have failed: the result is not up to expectations, or the development is too slow. Stay confident in what you are doing and don’t stop.
  • Be ready for criticism. Stress tolerance is also an integral part of the job. There will always be criticism. The blogger’s task is to process it properly and bring out useful things from it.
  • Use different monetization methods. More tools – more possible earnings.

These tips will help you create a successful gaming blog. Also, don’t forget to launch the blog in style. An easy way to popularize your blog is to invest in social media marketing, anchor posts, and contribute to gaming community platforms. You can also seek the help of video game blogging experts for advice and information on current trends in the video game blogging industry.