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Bizarre: A blogger claims to have made cotton candy in a dryer, Internet users not convinced

Credit: Reddit


  • After the video was shared on Reddit, many users said it was fake
  • Some users have pointed out that the dryers cannot have high enough temperatures to prepare cotton candy.
  • Other users said there was a cut between her adjusting the dial and the dryer to start spinning

There are lots of weird videos and pictures on the internet that go viral from time to time. Along with animal and challenge videos, weird foods and meltdown videos are getting a lot of attention these days, mostly because many see them as a direct attack on their palate.

The bizarre food fusion, where two completely different products come together, has become a trend in recent years. Food experiments are understandable and enjoyed by many. But bringing together two completely opposite delicacies for a “combo” can only make ardent gourmands repulsive.

Then there are people who manage to create certain treats and desserts using objects and appliances that aren’t really designed for preparing or processing food.

DIY videos are very popular on social networks. But some controversial tricks make netizens wonder if all DIY creations are good or even real. This is one of those videos.

A food blogger recently went viral after using a clothes dryer to create cotton candy at home.

In a three minute video. Tammy Louise has documented the entire process of using a clothes dryer as a cotton candy maker.

The clip, originally shared on Reddit, has now been released on other social media platforms.

Watch it here:

Louise explained how a dryer can be used as a substitute for cotton candy makers before adding sugar to the drum of the front-loading machine. After that, she added a can of blueberry soda to the dryer drawer and said the cotton candy would be ready in minutes and dropped into the machine’s air vent.

Near the end of the clip, she removes the dryer vent from the machine and removes the silver foil to reveal the blue cotton candy.

Many users called it fake pointing out that there was a jump between her adjusting the dial and the dryer to start the spin.

One user wrote that the woman never focused the camera on the inside of the dryer while it was spinning.

Other users expressed concern about the hygiene of the dryer and that the temperature would not be high enough to form cotton candy.