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Bizarre Food: Blogger Dips Potato Masala Chips in Chocolate; Leave the internet split

Potato chips are a popular snack among people of all ages because they are crunchy, crispy and delicious. So whether you’re feeling suddenly hungry, traveling somewhere, or just want to snack on something, potato chips are always our savior. Plus, we have tons of potato chip flavors to choose from, leaving us spoiled for choice! However, as Indians, if anything we like the most, it has to be this blue masala bag of Lays! You never get tired of this spicy, lip-smacking flavor. But as much as you love having those blue Lays, would you ever be willing to dip them in chocolate and have it? Sounded a little weird, right? Well, as offbeat as Lays blue sound dipped in chocolate, a food blogger made this combination and left a lot of people confused.

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In a video uploaded by food blogger @sooosaute, we see her doing this bizarre combination. The video begins with opening a packet of Lays and adding it to a bowl. Then she pours melted chocolate onto a plate and dips the nuggets into it. Once they are well covered and frozen, she bites into them. His expressions were enough to tell the viewers the taste of this experience. Take a look at the video here:

Since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 600,000 times, received 29,200 likes and hundreds of comments! One person wrote, “Tumlog ko yeh chocolate aur chips kahi se free ke milte hi kya jo waste karne by lagai rehte ho! (You get free chocolate and chips you keep wasting?) and “Why do you always waste food ?”

Another person even said, “Why did you do that?”

Contrary to this, many people suggested that she try this combination with plain salty chips. One person said: “Blue masala waley ke saath try kiya toh ganda hi toh taste karega yeh try with yellow lays next time I guarantee it will be delicious (you should have tried with plain salty classic lays. Blue Lays Won’t taste good with chocolate; try it with yellow Lays next time. I guarantee it will be delicious).”

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Someone also said, “Try this with plain fries! Might be good).

What do you think of this combination? Would you ever try it? Let us know in the comments below!