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‘Black People Outside’ blogger wants to show people the beauty of Chicago outdoors

CHICAGO — Chevon Linear is one half of the local adventure vlog “Black People Outside.”

Linear said Black People Outside is a comprehensive vlog to show people the outdoor places people can enjoy in Chicago or the Chicagoland area.

She and her partner, Kameron Stanton, started the social media adventure in August 2020, after the pandemic lockdowns. She said it started out as a joke, but quickly turned into so much more.

I grew up on the South Side of Chicago and didn’t know much outside of that until I went to college,” she said.

Chevon inspired Kameron to get out and explore.

She lived in China for a while, parts of Europe, she did Teach for America, I only went to Missouri, she got me a passport, I’ll put it this way,” Kameron said.

Now they want to inspire others to do the same.

“Growing up on the South Side, there are people who have never been to Sears Tower, let alone stateside,” Kameron said.

“I feel like black people haven’t been portrayed in the mass media as adventurers, travelers, explorers, people who discover things, so in turn I think a lot of people from color don’t really necessarily care about the outdoors, not that they don’t like it or don’t know anything about it, it’s just something that we’ve kind of been kept away from,” Chevon said.

Chevon wants people to learn, play, explore. Her hope is to one day work with the mayor to start outdoor adventure clubs in city schools.

“It’s just another option for the kids, just like basketball is an option, football is an option, after-school art classes are options, so I want the outdoor club to be as popular as anything else, that’s my goal, that’s my dream,” Chevon says.

That’s why Kameron nominated Chevon for Nexstar’s Remarkable Women competition. Chevon is making waves that have a ripple effect across the city.