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BLOGGER DAY – August 5, 2022

History of bloggers day

Blogging started with several digital precursors. Before becoming popular, digital communities took many forms. In the 1990s, WebEx and other Internet forum software created ongoing conversations with “chat threads.” Blogger, an American online content management system, was created by Pyra Labs on August 23, 1999, after which it was acquired by Google in 2003. Google hosts blogs and they are accessible through a blogspot subdomain. com. Users can also have their custom domain (such as using DNS facilities to point a domain to Google’s servers. Up to 100 blogs or websites per account are allowed.

Blogger is one of the first tools dedicated to blogging. After Google purchased Pyra Labs in February 2003, Blogger’s premium features were originally free. The following year, in 2004, Google acquired Picasa and its photo-sharing service, Hello. It was later integrated with Blogger to allow users to upload images to their blogs.

In 2004, Blogger underwent a major overhaul which included web standards compliant templates, individual archive pages for posts, comments, and email publishing. This new version, called “Invader”, was released in beta alongside the Gold version in 2006. Users were then moved to Google’s servers and by May 2007, Blogger had moved completely to Google-operated servers.

In 2015, Blogger announced that it would no longer allow its users to post explicit content unless it provides “substantial public benefit”, such as in “artistic, educational, documentary or scientific contexts”. Just four days later on February 28, 2015, due to backlash from long-time bloggers, Blogger reversed their decision and reverted to the previous policy that allowed explicit images and videos if the blog was marked as “adult”.