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Blogger Linda Ikeji denies crashing Caroline Hutchings’ wedding

Popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, has denied claims that her platform was responsible for Caroline Hutchings’ divorce

Hutchings, who stars in the show “Real Housewives of Lagos”, said in the third episode, which aired on Friday, that Ikeji’s blog was the cause of her divorce.

In a heated conversation with the blogger’s sister, Laura Ikeji, who also stars in the series, Caroline claimed that Linda had posted lies about her age and also wrote that her daughter was not her ex-husband’s.

Linda Ikeji’s platform, @lindaikejiblogofficial on Instagram, however, hit back at the actress asking her to provide proof of such posts.

In the statement released on Saturday, the blog claimed that Hutchings’ claims were untrue because he has never published articles questioning his daughter’s paternity.

The statement read in part: “In 16 years of blogging, Linda Ikeji Blog has never written that Caroline Danjuma’s daughter is not for her husband. Not only Linda Ikeji Blog did not write this, but no other blog in Nigeria or beyond has written this.

“This story was entirely invented by Caroline Danjuma. Or she could have seen it as a comment made by anonymous commenters on LIB or any other blog.

The platform admitted to writing about controversies surrounding the actress’ age, but claimed the post was not malicious.

The statement also said Caroline’s claims that the blogger had a grudge against her were false, as Linda “just doesn’t know her”.

Hutchings married Nigerian businessman Musa Danjuma in 2007. They separated nine years later, with three children.

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