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Blogger meetup in Odisha’s largest cloud kitchen

Bhubaneshwar: Blogger’s Meets are always fun and rewarding. It becomes more vibrant and tasty if held for food tasting with live cooking experience. Such a great event took place on the 6and March in Bhubaneshwar, in one of Odisha’s largest cloud kitchens – OFO. During this event, many food bloggers and influencers came and enjoyed the delicacies where they had a wonderful kitchen tour. People like to try different cuisines these days and it was a wonderful opportunity for bloggers and foodies to explore the mouth-watering dishes from a wide range of cuisines offered by OFO’s great team of chefs.

OFO is a complete food ecosystem with one of the largest cloud kitchens in Odisha. It was developed as a multi-vertical food factory to meet the needs of a wide range of customers to provide hygienic, nutritious and delicious meals from different cuisines. With an excellent team of chefs and food experts, OFO serves hygienic, nutritious and delicious meals from different cuisines. The main kitchen is located at Acharya Vihar, Bhubaneswar, spanning approximately 6000 square feet for Bhubaneswar and Cuttack town. The food provided here is not only tasty and hygienic but also reasonably priced to cater to all segments of the population.

Speaking of the food review meeting, all the bloggers loved the dishes wholeheartedly. Suhani, a B.Tech student and food blogger, said it was the first time she had taken a full tour of any cloud kitchen in such a pleasant way, which all the other bloggers were also saying. ‘OK. The whole team of bloggers were graciously treated to authentic Indian, Chinese and Arabic cuisines. The whole event took place with pleasure and flavors. It was just the start of a tasty journey, many wonderful dishes are on the way.

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