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Blogger Nicole Choo is launching online pastry shop Krazy Kroissants which will make you say “What is Guac!” “

Among the many other home and online bakers who launched their businesses during the pandemic, celebrities such as Rebecca Lim and Fann Wong have also taken to the internet to sell their baked goods.

A nod to the trend, content creator and social media influencer Nicole Choo is trying it out by starting her own home-based croissant business.

Prior to Friday, December 17, the 22-year-old had been working on the project for some time. She posted a teaser on Instagram of Krazy croissants on April 4 that she was up to something.

Then In a December 1 Instagram post, Choo announced the launch of his Krazy croissants pastry shop.

“I know this photo has nothing to do with what I’m about to announce BUT I’ll be starting my own croissants shop,” she captioned her photo while explaining that she will be launching her own. croissants shop @krazykroissants with a little local touch, set to launch on December 17th.

While croissants are delicious, they aren’t as pleasant to eat on their own. The best croissants are incomplete without toppings or toppings no matter where you get them or how you prepare them.

Krazy croissants at a wide variety of toppings to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you go for something salty or something sweet, you can’t go wrong. They are very inventive with toppings and toppings because croissants are the perfect canvas.

For now, Krazy croissants offers five varieties of croissants with quite interesting names.

Lucid cream

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Fill your plain croissant with a decadent custard filling for a sweet and savory treat. You can be sure you got the best of these with the combination of puff and butter bread and a sliver of butter croissant stuffed with cream cheese drizzled with condensed milk. It is without a doubt a perfect mix!

King Kaya

Cheese on a croissant is already fantastic as is, but adding a cheese-topped kaya butter croissant will definitely give your meal a taste of Singapore! It is not at all a strange mixture.


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Egg sandwich is good, but egg croissant is to die for. The ultimate breakfast for champions is scrambled eggs with truffle on a butter croissant, which you can top with turkey bacon if you like!

nice gentleman

The original will always hold a special place in everyone’s heart. It is a classic pastry that melts in your mouth. They are buttery, flaky and so delicious! All butter croissants start with this!

What is guac

This is the ultimate fall filling! A simple garnish of mashed avocado is all that your croissant needs to make it more exciting. Signature Butter Croissants with “What the Guac” Avocado Mash are a delicious way to start the day.

You can find out more about Choo’s latest home based business business by visiting their website.

According to The Singapore Women’s Weekly, this isn’t Nicole’s first venture outside of creating social media content – the young entrepreneur has already published her own collection of poetry, Nineteen, and runs her own clothing line, wtflol.okbye. / TISG

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