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Blogger shares a simple method for early retirement by investing in crypto

A blogger and bitcoin enthusiast by the name of “Mr. ERB” (short for “Mr. Early Retirement by Bitcoin”) has shared his method for amassing crypto wealth on the way to early retirement.

Speaking in an interview with Cointelegraph, Mr. ERB (whose blog is called “Early Retirement by Bitcoin”) said his main motivation for investing in crypto was not to buy flashy items, but to take early retirement. The blogger described his investing method, saying he first became interested in Bitcoin in the summer of 2017 after a colleague talked about the benefits of BTC.

At the time, with the price fluctuating around 2,000 euros, Mr. ERB believed that the investment was too expensive and that he had missed the mark on Bitcoin. He changed his mind after listening to a podcast by Trace Mayer, which claimed that BTC would eventually hit $1 million.

He told Cointelegraph,

That’s when I realized that I was not late, but in fact early. I saw bitcoin as a great opportunity to reach early retirement and bought my first coins in October 2017.

ERB created a plan to invest in Bitcoin by buying €500 worth of BTC each month, with the goal of reaching €1,000,000. He made his first purchase in 2017, saying the success of his investment over the past five years has “obviously been tremendous”.

ERB is consistent with its investment each month, saying the strategy is “simple” and notes that it does not require investment management. He summed up the process as “you buy and you hold, then you keep buying more”.

According to the ERB blog, its return on investment is over 450%, compared to 44% over the same period for the S&P 500.


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