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Blogger shares tip for Siam Causeway Jam, 3 public buses take you to JB checkpoint

Blogger shares about 3 public buses that go directly to JB checkpoint

Since the reopening of borders, many Singaporeans have been craving a getaway, even if it’s just a short day across the causeway.

But often one thing stands between them and a pleasant short vacation in Johor Bahru (JB) – the huge traffic jams of Causeway.

On Monday August 15, Singaporean blogger Tony Boey, who runs Johor Kaki, shared a tip to avoid the Causeway traffic jam.

Source: JOHOR KAKI Blog on Facebook.

He explained that there are three public buses – one from the Woodlands temporary bus interchange and two from Kranji station – which go directly to the JB checkpoint.

Public buses 950, 160 & 170 go direct to JB

When traveling in Malaysia, many choose to take buses or coaches as they are both economical and convenient.

And it’s also a way to save time that would otherwise have been spent being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

This is particularly the case when travelers take public buses that go directly to the Woodlands checkpoint and then to the JB CIQ or checkpoint.

Johor Kaki shared that one such bus is the TransitLink 950 bus. Passengers can board the vehicle at the Woodlands temporary bus interchange located near the Woodlands MRT.

Source: JOHOR KAKI Blog on Facebook.

Alternatively, the 950 bus also stops in front of MRT Marsiling station before heading to the checkpoint.

On the other side of MRT Kranji station, travelers can choose to take TransitLink buses 160 or 170X directly to the Singapore checkpoint. Bus 170 will make a detour to Woodlands Train Checkpoint before heading to Woodlands Checkpoint.

Fixed price for the trip to JB

Once travelers arrive at Woodlands Checkpoint, all they need to do is follow the signs to the Singapore Immigration clearance hall.

After clearing immigration, an escalator will take them to the bus interchange.

From there, three of the TransitLink bus services – 160, 170 and 950 – will take travelers to JB CIQ.

Johor Kaki said private bus services are also available but should be paid for separately.

Those heading to Larkin Sentral can continue to board the 160 and 170 buses past JB Immigration.

By taking these public buses, travelers will apparently get a fixed fare for the entire journey to JB.

For senior ezlink concession cardholders, Johor Kaki says the trip will cost just S$0.93.

According to, for adult ezlink card holders, the bus ride to the JB checkpoint costs S$1.90.

Other KTM bus and train also convenient options

Johor Kaki shared in the Facebook post that taking the public buses is very convenient as these buses have their own dedicated lane on the roadway. This will allow travelers to avoid traffic jams.

Other netizens chimed in, with some saying taking the Malaysian-operated Causeway Link bus is also a breeze and costs just S$4.80 from Queen Street to City Square.

The Causeway Link bus, CW2, is a non-stop direct cross-border service.

Causeway Link also offers another service, CW1, from Kranji Subway Station bus stop to Larkin Sentral.

In the comments section, Johor Kaki added that the KTM train is an even more convenient option for travelers.

jb public buses

Source: MoneySmart

Glad there are plenty of options available

Crossing the Giant’s Causeway for a weekend and enjoying good food is one of Singaporeans’ favorite pastimes.

We are happy that there are now so many options available for getting from Singapore to JB.

For those heading to JB soon and thinking what to do next, Johor Kaki has also shared a blog post featuring JB’s top 100 restaurants.

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Featured image adapted from the JOHOR KAKI blog on Facebook.