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Blogger shares video of ‘pink chai’ in Lucknow. Internet split over its name | Tendency

Noon chai is a popular Kashmiri tea that many people love. Although it is known for its health benefits, there are now many roadside stalls in India that prepare it with their own variations. Like this video shared by a food blogging page on Instagram that shows “pink chai” being prepared in Lucknow. The video was uploaded on January 14 and has since been viewed more than 11 million times. However, many people in the comments section pointed out that it is not pink chai but the traditional Kashmiri tea known as midday chai.

The video was uploaded by the page known as Yum Yum India. In the video, the street vendor is seen crushing a fan puff to put it in a cup. Then he puts a spoonful of butter or cream inside the cup and pours the midday tea from a traditional container called a samovar. “Pink Chai in Lucknow,” the video caption says.

Watch the video below:

Noon means salt in Kashmir and it is a traditional drink. However, many people have started making it using sweet condiments to add variation to the taste.

Many Instagram users pointed out in the comments that it was not pink chai but the Kashmiri drink known as midday chai.

“It’s Noon Chaii Not Pink Chai!” commented an Instagram user. “It’s called Kashmiri chai, not pink chai,” said another.

While many people wanted to taste this drink, many others weren’t impressed with its pink color.

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