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Blogger’s Park: Perfecting Finding a Seller Near You

By Shubhra Singh

The world is becoming extremely mobile and customers are using smartphones for 90% of their online searches. They don’t just search for products or services; they want to get them within reach — and use location-based search services to find the perfect supplier. This is where hyperlocal digital marketing comes in.

Beyond flyers, banners and print ads, local businesses are now deploying precise geographic targeting. Hyperlocal marketing tactics focus on a targeted number of buyers who want to buy from businesses in their neighborhood. SMBs and other local businesses and startups are deploying location-based keyword targeting, optimizing the Google My Business page, and setting up hyperlocal ad campaigns to maximize their return on investment (RoI). However, there is still a huge untapped opportunity as digital technologies make location tracking and geo-targeting more precise.

Searches nearby

The primary goal of hyperlocal digital marketing is to drive shopper traffic to physical locations and online channels and capitalize on nearby searches, which have high purchase intent. Nearby searches have become an important part of improving organic search results and also offers support for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Increasingly, users expect local search results to take precedence over broader search results. Users expect search engines to automatically track their location while delivering results. There has been a sea change in customer attitudes towards real-time geolocation targeting and how location data can help deliver more accurate and relevant results for a wide range of search queries. There has been a growing trend for the “search online, buy offline” (ROPO) model, which drives more interest and demand for locally targeted search results over time.

Need for hyperlocal marketing

Search engines like Google and Bing have shaped local search by prioritizing fewer and better search engine map results for nearby searches and offering nearby suggestions in recommendations at the bottom of the page. search engine results (SERP). This, coupled with the adoption of mobile devices, has made hyperlocal digital marketing services a must-have tactic in every business’ SEO strategy toolkit.

Hyperlocal marketing is extremely useful for companies and businesses that want to target specific geographic locations. It involves grabbing customers’ attention in real time and improving their online business search experience. Especially in today’s competitive market conditions, hyperlocal marketing just might be the boost businesses need. Marketing to a targeted group helps improve lead quality and lower cost per lead while boosting return on ad spend (ROAS).

The author is VP-marketing, Denave

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