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Blogger’s Telegram channels banned in Brazil according to STF ruling – MercoPress

Blogger’s Telegram channels banned in Brazil according to STF ruling

Sunday, February 27, 2022 – 14:09 UTC

“It’s not that my channel was deleted…”; it is forbidden for those who are in Brazil, as it happens in Cuba or North Korea, explained the blogger

Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court Judge Alexandre De Moraes ordered the communications and social media app Telegram to expel Bolsonarian influencer Allan dos Santos from the platform or face a 48-hour ban in more than a fine.

De Moraes ruled that the messaging app could be taken off the air for 48 hours and fined R$100,000 (US$19,369.14) if it fails to comply. But he did.

The judge issued his decision after finding that the Brazilian blogger had spread hate speech and false information.

Three of the blogger’s channels have been blocked:Allan Dos Santos”, “TV Terca Book” and “220‘ and users find a message stating ‘This channel cannot be displayed because it violates local laws’.

In a video that went viral shortly after the channels were blocked, Allan dos Santos said Brazil was no different from China, Cuba and North Korea. “Guys correct the information. It’s not that my channel got deleted. It’s that Brazil is equal to China, equal to North Korea, equal to Iran. You who are in Brazil can’t access it.In the US they can access [his Telegram channels] normally, because here they are in a free country.

It’s not that Telegram knocked him down. Telegram, unfortunately, gave in to judicial pressure, because who judges the judges? Telegram said I violated Brazilian laws.
And who said he was a judge. How will Telegram tell a judge that I didn’t do this? But it’s not that my channel got deleted. It works normally. And lots of views. You happen to be in Brazil. You are in the same situation as those in Cuba, those in North Korea, Iran, China. And who will need VPM,” he says in the video.

“VPM is software that allows users – for a fee – to pretend they are online from a different country than where they actually are. It is frequently used for broadcasting music and sporting events for which local stations have exclusive TV rights,” a piracy specialist consulted by MercoPress Explain.

Allan dos Santos is being investigated by the STF for allegedly spreading false information – the so-called fake news. The case includes threats against members of the Court. The other investigation concerns reported funding of anti-democratic acts. In October, De Moraes ordered the blogger’s preventive detention in addition to ordering the Ministry of Justice to immediately initiate extradition proceedings. From his own words, we can deduce that Dos Santos is somewhere in the United States.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro spoke earlier this month of a “dictatorship of the pen”. His comments were believed to be aimed at the STF. “What is the difference between a dictatorship made by arms, like those of Cuba, Venezuela and other countries, with a dictatorship that passes by the pen? There is no difference, and you know what is happening in Brazil.

The STF is also investigating Bolsonaro for spreading “fake news” about the reliability of the country’s electronic voting system ahead of the October 2 presidential elections.

Bolsonaro had also singled out STF judges Luis Roberto Barroso and Alexandre de Moraes for rulings against him and investigations into the president, including one for spreading fake news about COVID-19. “Barroso and Alexandre de Moraes want Lula to be president,” Bolsonaro said in a TV interview.

De Moraes is overseeing five investigations into the president, including one into comments by him wrongly associating COVID-19 vaccines with AIDS.