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Burnham Coastal Mummy blogger Rebecca Fisher warns poor parking could put someone’s life at risk

Currently in the UK there are 35.9 million people who hold a full UK driving license but all it takes for one of those people to make the wrong parking decision and it could be life threatening. of someone in danger.

A few weeks ago we had a traumatic experience where my disabled 7 year old brother became very ill at night. An ambulance was called. Calling an ambulance is scary enough, but you know help is on the way.

He’s on his way until he’s gone, due to the way the cars are parked.

Coastal Mummy Rebecca Fisher and her brother Rory Taylor June 2022.

The ambulance caring for my brother got stuck and couldn’t get to the house because someone had double parked his car. This resulted in my brother being carried down the road to the ambulance. Someone’s decision risked a life.

Some of the villages in Norfolk have a high percentage of vacation homes. Where I live being one of them. Norfolk is a very popular place for people to visit and when people visit they don’t know the area. It was someone who rented a vacation home blocking the road for my brother.

Now, it’s not always people who visit on vacation, some people just make really big mistakes. Using the word error is probably the wrong word to use and that “error” could cost someone their life.

Rory, 7, suffers from Down syndrome and other conditions such as Hirschsprung's disease.
Rory, 7, suffers from Down syndrome and other conditions such as Hirschsprung’s disease.

It’s not just about parking a car and saying “oh it’s ok” or “I think there’s enough room”. Obstructing an emergency vehicle like an ambulance or a fire truck is a crime and the punishment for doing so is a fine. The Emergency Works (Obstruction) Act 2006 states that a person can be fined up to £5,000 for obstructing an emergency vehicle.

The real punishment, however, would be the awful feeling of knowing that someone’s life could have been lost because of a stupid wrong decision about where to park the car or van.

In most situations, there is no time to wait for the police to arrive and find the car owner to move the car. So what are the options?

Paramedics should not have to leave an ambulance and run down the road to the patient’s home and the patient should not have to be transported to the ambulance. What happens if the patient cannot be transported or the paramedics cannot leave the ambulance on the road? Then there is the matter of a fire engine. A fire truck has to go to the emergency. They have no other choice.

Before parking, check that there is room for emergency services. Remind people from time to time of what can happen if an ambulance or fire truck cannot reach the house or the patient. Be aware of the environment. A wrong decision can change a life.

My brother is now home and recovering. It will take him some time to get back to himself. It was such a scary situation that I hope no one else has to go through.

Rebecca Fisher