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Cam Newton responds to blogger who called him ‘trash’

If there is controversy, Cam Newton will respond.

Source: Paras Griffin/Getty

The NFL quarterback took to social media this week to address a blogger who commented on his personal life and called him “trash.” Newton responded by defending the beliefs of his girlfriend, Jasmin Brown aka WatchJazzy, who recently came under fire for talking about being a submissive woman in her relationship with Cam.

Relationship blogger @Judaeunscripted89 posted a reaction to Jazzy’s video, writing in her caption:

“So, before I say my piece. Please understand that I know Cam Newton is trash, I warned you a long time ago that he was. But as usual when you see a “Black Love” relationship, all the bullshit about the man goes out the window because he’s with a black woman. So please don’t comment with the “he’s a rubbish” WE KNOW!! You’re the one late to the party.

She continued, “Submission comes in many different forms and ways. So just because you haven’t asked him to cook or clean doesn’t mean you’re not asking him to submit to you…. The fact is not to submit to a man who is not worthy of it.If you choose to do that, then that is up to you……but hey; that’s just my opinion… #thatisall #camnewton #nfl.

This user probably wasn’t expecting a response from Cam himself, but that’s exactly what she got. He responded to her caption with a long note and said he could “accept being trash.”

“I can accept that I am rubbish THANK YOU; that will cheer me up,” he began. , I feel like you can use your platform to bring someone sunshine RATHER than more RAIN (there are already HELLA blogs already destroying people on a daily basis)… hey , but what is I know IM TRASH.

Cam continued, “Are you married!? do you have kids!? WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE PERSON I’M ACTUALLY TALKING TO! ?…the person I am having a conversation with knows a lot about me…so could you please return this information so that I can get an idea of ​​the person I am talking to…”

“Now a woman for me means managing her own but knowing how to meet a man’s needs. Right?” Cam said. “And I think a lot of times when you get that aesthetic of, ‘I’m a b***boss, Imma this, Imma that. No baby. But you can’t cook. not when you shut up. You don’t know how to let a man lead.

While many of the women rolled their eyes, it looks like the quarterback has found a girl who has the same beliefs as him.