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Celebrate the Greys, Seize the Opportunity to Age, Steinbach Blogger Writes –

In the wake of Bell Media’s sudden termination of CTV national news anchor Lisa LaFlamme’s contract, a Steinbach woman wrote an article that encourages the celebration of gray hair.

LaFlamme’s naturally gray hair started popping up on the network during the pandemic, and many people are now speaking out in favor of gray hair.

Erin Unger writes in his blog to find his first gray hair at a very young age.

“I found my first gray hair in middle school, which at the time was a bit of a surprise. Yet, at the same time, my grandmother had turned gray around that time and members of the family would often say how remarkable it was. Well, I seem to be a little remarkable in that way too. I might have expected it in a way.

This blog post came about after the encouragement of her husband, Andrew.

Her blog is featured on, and this article is titled “In Celebration of Gray Hair”.

“I wrote it pretty quickly, actually, because I have a lot of opinions about it, but I guess I’ve never posted about it before,” she says.

It only took about 10 minutes for Unger to pound his keyboard for the blog post to come together.

“I had all the confidence in the world,” she says.

In her blog post, Unger writes, “I noticed that for many people, gray hair is still seen as a source of shame, as it represents aging. Well, can I just say that having lost friends far too soon, denied the privilege of growing old, I am here to celebrate as long as I am alive and continue to age.

Unger received countless responses to her recent blog post, more positive comments than she was prepared for. And she encourages people not to worry about covering up their natural hair.

“It’s very empowering to lean into it, and it’s liberating, it’s less expensive, less anxiety about what you’re trying to hide. I would say, give it a try.”