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Chinese blogger’s suicide shocks social media, sparks debate over harassment and gender stereotypes in the country

The death of a 26-year-old Chinese blogger who said he was harassed for being “effeminate” has shocked millions of internet users, sparking debate about the negative impact of harassment in the country, according to local media.

Zhou Peng, also known as Ludaosen, on November 28 posted a 5,000 word message in your account on the Weibo microblogging network. In the ‘post’, Zhou recounted that his classmates insult and threaten him constantly. “Boys are supposed to be mean, fight and swear, and overly calm and polite boys are effeminate,” he wrote in the note. “They called me ‘sissy’ at school. When I was younger I could look like a girl, but I dressed “normally” and didn’t try to imitate girls. “

His friends and many Internet users who saw the “post” contacted the authorities as soon as possible, but it was too late. Local police said in a statement on Weibo that after several days of searching, they found Zhou’s body in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province.

Zhou’s last words have been seen by more than 900 million times on Weibo and have collected over 75,000 comments from people who mourn her death and offer their condolences. Some also called for tougher approaches to prevent children from being bullied.

“Gender-based violence in school is what caused her death,” commented one user. “Discrimination based on rights has not yet been taken seriously gender stereotypes children. Those who bullied Zhou were poisoned by the toxic idea of ​​stereotypical masculinity. “

Bullying has been a serious problem in recent years in Chinese schools, despite the zero tolerance approach of the country’s top education authority. A document called The 2019 Children and Youth Services Review, which sent questionnaires to more than 3,000 Chinese youth, found that more than 35% of those polled identified themselves as victims of traditional bullying, while more than 31% said they were victims of cyberbullying.

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