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Christian Blogger Warns Yoga Barbie Will ‘Own’ Children On The Internet

Thousands of jokes have been made around a Christian influencer’s warning that a Yoga Barbie doll could cause young people to become “demon-possessed”.

On May 3, Yasmeen Suri posted a photo of the doll sitting cross-legged. The Barbie was packaged in a plastic box that read “Breath with me Barbie” and boasted “5 guided meditations” with sound effects. Suri’s Facebook post received 56,000 likes and 36,000 comments.

Suri wrote, “”Yoga Barbie is on the shelf at Target. “Satan constantly presents himself as a childlike figure. He will never present himself with a pitchfork and horns.

The Christian author and lecturer, whose works include Beautiful Deception and The Fake God Reference Guide, went on to say that yoga and Hinduism are inextricably linked.

“Positions and faith are inextricably linked,” she explained. “Each position is meant to invite a Hindu god or goddess into the afterlife. I have witnessed demonic possession among young people.

Suri warned that Satan was “seeking the children”, that he planned to “exploit”, “indoctrinate” and “destroy”. She predicted that their children would become “rebellious, sad and many would commit suicide” while playing with Yoga Barbie.

Suri was born in India and following an experience with Jesus Christ, she was “freed from various New Age notions and false religious doctrines”.

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“Yoga has been very beneficial for my child recently. The red color of his eyes also adds to the mood of the room.” Trudie Macfarlane is the author of this article.

“I want a refund! In yoga class, I have never been possessed by a demon. What a crook! “Jaime Elliot contributed to the conversation.

There have been previous discussions on social media about the relationship between yoga and Christianity. matt walch, a conservative commentator, said in 2018 that yoga was inextricably linked to meditation “Yoga is a pagan ritual,” according to a Daily Wire article. Maybe Christians should change their workout routine.

Meanwhile, in 2015, the Catholic Archdiocese of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, addressed the “Catholic view” on yoga.

Barbie Yoga Controversy

“The Vatican has not been obligated to inform Catholics that yoga is completely forbidden,” said Archdiocesan theologian Dr. Brett Salked. “Many of the justifications used by Catholics to oppose yoga are un-Catholic, or even superstitious.”

Barbie’s toymaker, Mattel, has expanded its doll collection in recent years to include gender-neutral Barbies, Barbies with vitiligo and hair loss, and Barbie Da De Muertos.

Mattel did not respond to our requests for comment. However, they recently tweeted this:

Barbie’s new Breathe With Me collection is now available. It’s a toy, not a portal to the abyss. We swear. Simply a children’s self-care toy. Satan did not design it. We won’t let you down!

We’ll have to take their word for it for now. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have acquired the new Barbie and notice dark creatures clinging to your ceiling, or if your children start floating in the air like Luke Skywalker.