Covid-19 Ireland: Blogger from Dublin sends warning about rare symptoms that only affect women

A blogger from Dublin has warned women of a sign of Covid-19 that only affects them.

Margaret Young, also known as wildsoulmags, ended up with terrible back pain, and had her period a week earlier

She then had an antigen test which eventually came back positive.

She told Dublin Live: “There were really two issues, there was unexplained back pain out of nowhere and I got my period out of nowhere too.

“A lot of people get their period early and you don’t know if it’s a symptom because we’re in enough pain like that. You wouldn’t recognize it as Covid and at this point you might have passed it on.

“Back pain isn’t really a well-known symptom. I woke up at five in the morning, I had a little insomnia but I put it down to having my reminder before all this happened. I hadn’t slept well and woke up with excruciating back pain on December 26th.

“Was I thinking what was wrong?” I thought it was because I was lazy on Christmas Day, but one day would not give me these pains.

“I got my period later in the morning so I figured that was it. But why did I get it a week earlier? It was the worst pain I have ever had.

“It wasn’t until that night that I got the cough out of nowhere, I was throwing up phlegm, it sounds disgusting but it was so sudden.”

“My friend was having symptoms at this point so I thought please no, I took a test and he came back negative, I took another the next day and he was positive.”

Margaret said she dismissed her symptoms early on because she “got used to feeling like crap”.

She continued, “The back pain was really bad for 48 hours and then it got better, I had a cough too.

“I didn’t realize how bad I was until I got better, I got used to feeling bad.

“I’m a yoga teacher and only took one online class and even the most basic poses didn’t feel comfortable. I’m not the type to rest so I had to force myself.

“I had pain in the left rib near the heart. I was panicking but other people said they also had it from the cough.

“I was panicking at the thought of this virus in my body. I’m not panicking, but the rib pain was a little scary.

Margaret decided to take to Instagram to educate her female audience on how their first period could actually be Covid.

She said: ‘I wasn’t sure if I should post about having Covid, there’s a little bit of shame, there’s a weird stigma with it right now, it’s like you’ve broken a ruler?

“And I didn’t, I followed all the rules.

“I got a lot of messages from women with severe back pain saying they are going to get tested, and they come back and say it’s negative so I say it’s okay just keep getting tested every days and wear a mask if you are visiting someone.

“Some are going to test positive, there are women who have their period out of nowhere and it turns out it’s Covid.

“I just want women to know about back pain and the period, even if you don’t have any symptoms just be more careful.”

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