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Create a Valentine’s Day look with Houston blogger Vidhya Ramachandra

As Cupid prepares to strike around town, women all over the world are preparing their glamorous looks. For those still browsing the shelves, the Houston fashion blogger Vidhya Ramachandra shares her tips for putting together romantic outfits for Valentine’s Day.

The pandemic has reshaped the lives of many, for Ramachandra it has reopened the door to fashion and the possibility of becoming a style influencer. Scrolling through her Instagram, you instantly find inspiration to experiment with monochromatic colors and a stack of patterns.

“For me, fashion has always been something that I’ve always enjoyed,” Ramachandra said. Houstonia. “The influential aspect was an outlet that happened early in the pandemic. Although I’m pretty outgoing and love to dress up, I worked full time and wasn’t able to do the things I like to do, like go out and get ready or go shopping. I channeled all of that energy into content creation via things like my blog post or Instagram then TikTok as well.

While some may throw on strappy heels and head out for an extravagant dinner party, others might grab a box of chocolates for a Netflix rom-com marathon. Therefore, an outfit will ultimately depend on the plans and mood of the holiday.

“Three main tips I would focus on, where am I going? I feel like the destination plays a big role in what I decided to wear,” Ramachandra says. “Two is my mood. I have multiple emotions, so I always dress for each one, and the third is just to make sure I’m confident in whatever I wear.

Buying basic, buildable and interchangeable items can help achieve a modern, luxurious look while staying on budget and being eco-friendly. For those who want

venture into the city, silk midi dress works as a simple yet stylish base for layering additional garments such as a jacket or scarf, as well as the perfect accessories.

“Depending on where I’m going, for example, a nice dinner, I would wear a fur coat, like a sherpa or a white coat,” Ramachandra explains. “I would probably add a bold red lip and statement earrings. To finish the look I would opt for a plus neutral heel with transparent strap because the outfit is so daring.

Those who find themselves on a business trip and stuck at the airport can also partake in a fabulous set. Ramachandra proposes to redefine the slip dress with a comfortable and cozy outfit by adding two pieces that are probably in your suitcase.

“For the woman who doesn’t have time and is waiting for her flight, but still wants to be dressed up, I’ve done this many times when I travel, I’ll wear a strappy dress and just add a jumper over- above this. For example, a white cropped sweater and one pair of sneakers,” she explains. “Wherever you go, you just don’t know what the weather is like, so adding a jacket spruces up the look while aligning with the weather. To top it all off I would probably wear plain gold hoop earrings, nothing super fancy.

For the ladies who stick around and cuddle up with a box of Godiva and your favorite streaming service, you can always stay dressed in loungewear.

“If I stayed indoors, I would still want to wear a really fun outfit. A sweater full of hearts is always festive associated with black faux leather leggings, which are also a centerpiece to have,” recommends Ramachandra. “They’re super comfy and perfect to keep indoors and to complete the look, a pair of fluffy slippers and classic hoops be comfortable and cute.

While sticking with the palette of crimson reds and pretty Valentine’s pinks may work for some, there’s no restriction on what color choices work best for an outfit or makeup look.

“You don’t have to follow it,” says Ramachandra. “I think it’s just person-based because for Christmas I bring out all my reds and greens. I love it because I’m like, ‘yes, I can wear red and pink.’ love the contrasting colors and red and pink together make such a great statement, but I will say that doesn’t mean you can’t just wear a sexy black dress and feel confident and good about yourself.

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