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Dagny Carlsson, dubbed the world’s oldest blogger, dies at 109

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Dagny Carlsson, dubbed the world’s oldest blogger, who wrote about her life in Sweden based on the attitude that you should never think you’re too old to do what you want to do , died, Swedish media and her fan page reported. She was 109 years old.

At the age of 99, Carlsson took a computer course and a year later started her blog where her name was Bojan. Her friend Elena Ström wrote in an email to the daily Expressen that they had been “inseparable since 2011 when she became a student in one of my computer classes.

Carlsson had thousands of followers and appeared regularly on Swedish television and radio shows. In March 2018, she met Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf and his wife Queen Silvia at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. After his death on Thursday, the Swedish royal family paid tribute to him by posting a photo of their meeting on Instagram.

On her blog, Carlsson described herself as “a tough aunt, who likes most things”, has a good sense of humor and is “a bit blunt”. She posted photos of herself and said she had “always been curious”.

“To be frank is probably questionable. It’s easy to “step on someone’s toes” and I don’t want to do that. But I really think you have to be real and honest,” she wrote on her blog.

Dagny Valborg Eriksson was born in Kristianstad, southern Sweden, on May 8, 1912 – the same year the liner Titanic was sunk by an iceberg – the eldest of five siblings. After eight years in school, she took a job in a shirt factory where she worked for 20 years. She then worked in a corset factory north of Stockholm where she met her second husband when she was 39. She eventually worked at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

She continued to live independently until last year when she moved into a nursing home. Her last blog post was on January 28 when she wrote “like a cat, I have at least nine lives, but I don’t know what I should use so many lives for.” She was also looking forward to “celebrate my 110th birthday in May, preferably with a small party.”