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Deepak Bhatia, award-winning travel blogger, talks about his customers and his ambitious platform to help more people travel

Deepak Bhatia has built a niche for himself on social media as a travel blogger. It excels in luxury tourism and helping its clients to have the best possible experience while traveling and has received some of the most reputable awards for the same. One of the highest honors he has received is Travel Specialist with Turkey Tourism Board, European Union and Avalon Waterways.

Deepak, who holds an MBA in marketing, began his career in the family business. When he couldn’t find himself doing his best there, he got into the restaurant business and that didn’t work out for him either. It was then that Deepak decided to take a break and travel. As he traveled the world and shared his experiences via social media, people reacted in a big way.

It was a life-changing development for Deepak Bhatia who then entered the world of travel in his own right. In a very short time his number of customers grew and he managed to inspire more and more people with his very unusual and unique travel destinations. Today, Deepak has hundreds of happy customers and has nearly 15,000 Instagram followers who love getting travel updates from him. By the end of the year, he aims to reach 50,000 subscribers and wants to inspire even more people with his luxurious and unique travel destinations.

Sharing more about the type of clients he has, Deepak says, “People who are not just looking for a basic travel itinerary but want unique stay options, who like to engage with the local culture where they will travel, and those people who understand that in the hospitality industry, paying a little extra money for good services is definitely worth it.”

Deepak Bhatia’s vision is to create a platform for those who want to travel the world, but cannot due to work responsibilities or financial issues. Its ambitious platform will help people work from their own comfort, even while traveling, and earn their vacations simply by promoting and working for travel products.