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Doggo can’t help but stare at his blogger mom as she pulls out onto the balcony. Watch | Tendency

This video posted to Instagram shows a cute pooch looking out on the balcony while his blogger mom shoots.

Dogs are the most playful and love to cover their humans with their full attention, all the time! Just like this one called Rio, who couldn’t help but watch her human mother from inside the house as she pulled out onto the balcony of their house.

Her human, who is also the one who posted this video, is called Harshini Vijay and she is a lifestyle blogger based in Chennai, India. The video opens to show she was wearing a gorgeous red kurta ensemble and doing some poses for the camera on her balcony. But in her effort to get the right shots and the lighting, what she lacked was her adorable pooch staring at her with all awe in the world.

The moment she noticed this, she waved at the fluffy boy after 15 minutes without realizing he was looking at her. The dog, however, was used to what she poses by this time and just couldn’t understand why her human had suddenly started waving at her. He looked up at her, as if to say, “It’s okay, keep going.” I look from here.

“The cutest of all little distractions. He is always so curious about everything ”, we can read in the caption of this pretty video.

Watch it here:

Since its publication on December 4, this video has garnered over 9,500 likes and several comments from dog lovers on the social networking app.

“So cute,” posted one Instagram user. “Such a god,” commented another. “Too cute he is,” complimented a third. “Adorable,” wrote a fourth.

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