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Drunk homeless man attacks video blogger on Fort Myers beach

Times Square, a popular tourist destination in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, is considered the heart of Estero Island.

Every day, locals and tourists flock to Fort Myers Beach. It really is one of the best beaches in the area.

You can see all sorts of things, including the many shops and restaurants, street performers, dolphins striding through the waters, and drunken homeless people butting people’s heads.

This video is from the Southern Life Video Channel. They travel around the area, sometimes to other states, but always keep the video going. Because you never know when something crazy is about to happen. The encounter occurs just after the 3 minute mark.

Lol to the vlogger’s comment about 300 pounds for him to put up with. “I was just attacked by a homeless man.”

Fort Myers Beach is a great place to hang out and normally you don’t get mugged by homeless people. What’s also cool about the video is that you can really see the progress of the new Margaritaville hotel. It really is a great foresight that the hotel is building a walkway over Estero Blvd so that hotel guests don’t have to deal with the rest of us on the street.

This video actually reminded me of another video that was posted not too long ago. Why Fort Myers sucks. Enjoy:

Travel Blogger Explains Why You Shouldn’t Move to Fort Myers

Travel bloggers are fun. They don’t know much about an area, but seem to have very strong opinions anyway. For example, this blog that goes through 601 Travels. They have just over 22,000 subscribers and apparently they must have visited Fort Myers earlier this month. So they put together a list of 10 reasons why you shouldn’t move to Fort Myers, Florida. Judging by the overwhelming flow of people migrating to the area, I guess not many people have seen this video. So I will share it. Not because I agree with everything they say, but because I wish fewer people would move here. I’ve been here 20 years and love this place. But wow, our roads just weren’t built to accommodate that many people.

Last weekend I went to Publix and was appalled at the number of retirees buying carts full of groceries. The Snowbird season is supposed to end at Easter, but those folks didn’t seem like they wanted to go back up north for the summer. More people are staying year round, and more people are moving here.

So, if you are one of the very many who are looking to relocate to Southwest Florida. Here’s a video of why you shouldn’t.