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Fitness blogger shares tips for growing your booty – from eating more to workouts

Want to know how you can grow your loot?

Going to the gym is one thing to see progress, but it’s also about the food you eat.

When it comes to growth, eating more is crucial, otherwise you won’t get fat no matter how hard you train.

An Instagram influencer revealed the “secret” to growing your glutes in a recent social media post.

The blogger, known as Loz Fitness, has 50,600 fans on the online platform.

Now, in one of her latest uploads earlier this week, she shared her tips for developing your glutes and legs.

She revealed the tricks to grow your booty

She wrote: “Eat more food. Seriously, extra calories are needed for glute growth!

“Fear not, you need carbs, protein and lots of calories. Eating more has so many benefits it’s kind of crazy.”

The influencer also shared some other tips to help grow your booty, including what exercises you should be doing.

She revealed how you would need progressive overload, which means that with each session you need to increase the load on your muscles.

This can be done by increasing weight, reps, sets, time under tension, adding supersets or removing sets or decreasing rest.

Additionally, the exercises you do to see your butt grow are also important.

Loz suggests squats, deadlifts, Russian deadlifts, hip thrusts and Bulgarian split squats.

She added: “Compound movements should be done at the beginning.

“Then move only lighter props such as goblet squats, step ups, back extension, leg extension, leg curl, etc.”

Sufficient rest is also important because your body cannot grow without it.

The influencer encourages her fans to eat more if they want to see growth

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Sharing her final point, she continued, “You can’t develop glutes without developing your legs, but that’s fine!

“Big legs look good and they’re becoming the new thigh gap – I’m totally here for it!

“We need to start embracing our greatest qualities instead of shaming those who have them.

“My biggest piece of advice though, do a workout that you love. That’s the only way it’s going to work, you have to be excited for the gym.

“Whatever your favorite workout is, make it effective. Choose wisely, be sure to rest between sets – don’t rush!”