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Food blogger details life in a makeshift Covid hospital in Shanghai

A week into her hospital stay, the 24/7 lighting began to have a detrimental effect on Zhuyi. Having trouble falling asleep, he used blankets to build a tent-like fort that shrouded his bed in darkness. “It looks like a refugee tent from afar, but it works,” he joked online.

Shanghai Covid Hospital 2022

Sheets are used to block out 24-hour lighting at one of Shanghai’s makeshift hospitals

Another problem faced by Zhuyi was the lack of sanitary facilities, unable to meet the demands of patients on site. As a result, the blogger only washed his hair every five days.

“There’s a 30-meter-long queue in front of some ice-cold water taps,” he wrote, before adding humorously: “Luckily I have short hair now because the water flow is finer than a wand.”