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Food blogger faces jail for eating great white shark live

A food blogger faces up to five years in prison for illegally cooking and eating a protected great white shark.

The Chinese food vlogger, known online as Tizi, posted the viral video of herself diving into grilled shark flesh, which cops believe she purchased illegally.

“It may sound vicious, but his meat is really super tender,” she says in the video, which sparked furor online.

In the video, Tizi, who has around eight million subscribers on Chinese streaming channel Douyin, is seen retrieving the six-foot shark from a seafood shop in the southeast city of Nanchong. west of Sichuan province, The American Sun reports.

She unwraps the creature in front of a curious crowd, even lying down next to the shark to show off its size relative to her.

The shark is cut in half before its tale is barbecued and its head boiled in a spicy broth.

She then shared the food with the local villagers who were all delighted with its taste.

In the video, posted on July 14, she claimed the shark was “edible” and “raised in captivity” – although this was disputed by social media users, according to

Great white sharks usually only mate in the wild and take decades to reach sexual maturity.

The videos have since been removed from Tizi’s account following the backlash.

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A user of Chinese social media platform Weibo said: “She literally eats anything to grab the eyeballs. I was horrified to see her eat a crocodile tail once.

Tizi quickly grew his online following through a combination of his “sweet look” and “bold food choices”, the South China Morning Post reported.

Previously, she shared other clips of herself eating exotic animals, including crocodiles and ostriches cooked in spices.

Nanchong police are investigating, according to the city’s agricultural and rural bureau, The Beijing News reports.

They have already determined the animal to be an endangered great white shark and not a fang shark, as Tizi claims.

An official claimed that the punishment could be harsher if the shark was a minor, as cited in the world times.

Tizi faces up to five years in prison or criminal detention and a fine if convicted of illegally purchasing rare and endangered wildlife products, Beijing lawyer Chang Yachun said on Monday. the newspaper.

But if found guilty of crimes of a particularly serious nature, she could be sentenced to at least 10 years in prison and also risk fines or confiscation of her property, the lawyer added.

Several people who allegedly acquired the shark in eastern China’s Fujian province have already been arrested, Thecover reported.

It is claimed that the local store that featured in Tizi’s video had nothing to do with the purchase of the shark and merely served as a filming location.

China is increasingly seeking to clamp down on the illegal trade in animals for food and medicine in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

An op-ed from public news site The Paper reported how difficult the logistics would have been to transport a two-meter shark from the coast to Nanchong, some 1,100 miles (1,770 km) away.

“We must crack down on illegal hunting and trade in endangered wildlife and eliminate the criminal chain,” he said.

However, a number of food bloggers nationwide have turned to increasingly extreme stunts to attract viewers.

Last year, a man from Hainan province was arrested after filming himself eating a giant newt, a protected sea snail.

In 2019, Chinese vlogger Sun died after eating live poisonous centipedes and lizards while streaming for a sick challenge.

Meanwhile, in 2017, a viral video star accidentally poisoned herself live on camera while ‘taste testing’ a poisonous plant she mistook for aloe vera.

And also in 2019, another Chinese vlogger learned the hard way after he tried to eat a live octopus when it sucked his face during a stream.

Meanwhile, a Chinese influencer gained global notoriety when she filmed herself eating ‘bat soup’ after the mammal was linked to the Covid outbreak in Wuhan.

A video of Wang Menyun munching on a fruit bat with chopsticks went viral after the outbreak began in 2020.

This article originally appeared on The American Sun and has been reproduced with permission