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Food Blogger Tries ‘Candy Crush Paratha’ at Delhi’s Famous Paranthewali Gali; Would you?

the bizarre food trends keep coming, and it seems like there’s no stopping them. If you like to try new dishes, you can help yourself to a serving of what is now called the “Candy Crush Paratha”. Taking its name from the addictive smartphone game of the same name, the sweet Paratha is now available in Delhi’s famous Paranthewali Gali in Chandni Chowk.

A tasting video Paratha was shared by food blogger Chahat Anand on her Instagram.

The food blogger commented: “Someone who loves the game would have had this idea for kids. I found it extremely sweet. Couldn’t eat more than 1-2 bites.

While the Paratha made with filling of candies, jelly, honey, dried fruits, it is worth trying, the savory side dishes with the sweet paratha left many netizens wondering “why?”

It is served with a pairing of plain potato curry (aloo sabzi), pickle and green chutney.

Sweet paratha ke saath chutney and sabziasked one user, while another remarked, “Issshhh issshhh.. I’ll never try that. How do you do?”

Another user commented, “Would be great as a dessert, but without sabji and chutney”.

Yet another wrote:Soft Paratha ke saath aloo ki sabji kuch different hogya yeh toh(sweet paratha with potato curry…sounds quite different).

The video has so far garnered nearly 50,000 likes. Asked about its taste compared to our usual potato or aloo paratha in the comments of the video, the blogger commented, “It’s so different. You can’t have it every day.

Are you up for this interesting paratha?

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