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Food blogger under investigation after cooking and eating great white shark on video

A food blogger in China is under police investigation after sharing footage of herself cooking and eating a great white shark.

The woman, known as Tizi, has more than 7.8 million followers on Chinese streaming site Douyin.

In a video shared on the site, Tizi can be seen picking up the two-meter-long shark from a seafood shop in Nanchong before unpacking it.

In the clip, Tizi said, “It might sound vicious, but his meat is really super tender.”

Tizi then cuts the fish in half, before grilling its tail and boiling its head in broth.

She shares the meal with the local villagers who all rave about the food, while Tizi says, “It’s so delicious!”

Tizi claimed the creature was a hook shark that was “bred in captivity” and is “edible”.

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However, following an online backlash, Nanchong police launched an investigation and claimed it was in fact a great white shark – a protected species in China.

State-run news outlet Fengmian News reported that the shark was not purchased from where he was filmed picking it up and claimed it was only used as a video shooting location.

Tizi denied the allegations and said she was hiring a lawyer for these allegations.

Speaking to local outlet Red Star News, she said: ‘I bought it legally and am looking for a lawyer. These people were talking nonsense.

In China, those found guilty of illegal trade in animal or wild products can be imprisoned.

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State publication The Paper called for a “crackdown” over the video being shared online.

An editorial published on its website said: “It cannot be ruled out that there is a black market. After all, shipping a large shark from the coastal region to Nanchong [an inland city more than 1,100 miles away]it requires coordination.

“We must crack down on the illegal hunting and trade of endangered wildlife and eliminate the criminal chain.”

Social media users slammed Tizi for his clips, writing, “I’ve seen his videos before. They were outrageous. She also ate a crocodile and a giant golden salamander. It was extremely disturbing. »

Another wrote: ‘She literally eats anything to catch the eyeballs. I was horrified to see her eat a crocodile tail once.